the old grey mare…

yup, she ain’t what she used to be.

Apparently my super human knee injury recovery wasn’t as quick as I thought it was.  Apparently I walk more at work than I realized I did.  Apparently just because you start to feel no pain doesn’t mean you can ditch the cane/walk as fast as you used to.

Two full days at work have taught me all this.  Back of knee is hurting.  I’m back to the cane, and walking very gingerly.  Oh well…

17 thoughts on “the old grey mare…

  1. Silver Willow

    I've thought that too, Toni. I'm at the whim of the Worker's Comp doctors/staff. We'll see how I am on Monday for my next visit, but if not improving, I will definitely push for one.


  2. tammy j

    we want to snap back like we always did!apparently as we get older that just ain't gonna happen.i was always a fast walker. not any more. but it will heal! and like Jeanie says… think about your retirement! xo


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