Monthly Archives: March 2018


Here I am.  Still not much to say.  I get up early.  I go to work.  I come home.  I putz.  I watch tv.  I eat.  I watch more tv.  I go to bed.

That’s about it.

Not much to talk about.

I DO want to make an effort to at least go to YOUR blogs.  I can comment there.  I’m just lacking in posting inspiration, but I blogged so HARD for so LONG, it really isn’t a surprise to me.  I know that once I retire, I’ll have plenty of time to come up with things to say.

I just don’t much, now.

I’ll try and post at least a couple of times a month, though.  Now to just start fitting your blogs back into my routine.  That’s the more important step.  I do miss you guys!