the reality of the situation

I work all day on the computer.  I come home.  What little time I want to spend on the computer, after work, is to check the news, get caught up on Twitter re the Trump situation/GOP.  After that, I just want to hang with my husband, watch some tv, read. 

I honestly believe that until either the Trump situation ends (that will take years), or I retire (that will come much sooner)…I just can’t seem to consistently make time for blogging.  I’m very sorry.  My life is work, politics, and trying to escape from both.  It’s just where I am.

Now, my retirement will be no later than 12/12.  I have been unhappy at work (started before I announced my retirement); I have promised hubby that I will stay at least through the end of summer, but anytime after 9/1, well, I just might not make it to 12/12.  When that happens, my return to blog happens.  I just don’t really see it happening before then.  Again, my apologies.  I’ve tried, but I just can’t seem to make sustained, regular time for it now.  😦

14 thoughts on “the reality of the situation

  1. DJan

    It's really all right. I am interesting in seeing how you deal with trying to write on a regular basis. I have the same issues, and I've been retired for ten years now! I like to see your “face” when it shows up in my feed. No worries! 🙂


  2. Margaret-whiteangel

    Understand you fully, there is only so much time in a day, then you have to have time for yourself to smell your beautiful roses and it's spring and summer is coming in your part of the world.When you get time or feel the need , you will blog once in awhile…take care until them.


  3. tammy j

    no worries mate! we'll see you on the other will get better someday. and you're going to love retirement!it's a whole new lease on life! love you! 🙂


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