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it’s not blogging OD, it’s computer OD

I just realized that.  I work 8 hours a day on the PC.  I just don’t have much if any desire at the moment to be on it AFTER those 8 hours are done. 

I’ll check in with you guys on the weekend, once, but until those 8 hours a day of PC are done, that’s probably the best you’ll get from me here….sorry.

I did see the GI doctor, he’s prescribed medicine I can take to help bind the bile situation, but I can see an improvement anyhow, so I’m delaying using it for a week until I hit the one month mark.  If I’m still gradually improving without it, I’ll delay using it. 

Other than that, not much going on. 

Love ya!  Happy Memorial Day!


I worked today. 

I’m pooped.

I’m going to park myself in front of the tv.

I hope to be back to blogging tomorrow night.  🙂

:: smooches ::  LOL


Yesterday was a very lovely day.  As soon as I got up, I settled into to watch the BBC’s recording I made of the royal wedding.

I blubbered on…when Harry and William got out of the car in all their military splendor, when the trumpets played, with Meghan unveiled her gorgeous, classy gown, when Harry whispered ‘you look amazing!’ to her, yeah, pretty much through all of it.

I forgot how much I love royal weddings.  Hubby doesn’t understand it.  The best explanation is, I guess because I’m a girl.  We grow up reading fantasy about princesses.  My generation fell in love with Diana….the closeness she shared with her boys, her tragedy, and their rise to find love on their own terms….and yet still honoring their mother’s love.  What’s not to love?  🙂

Then, got ready for and went to my oldest grandson’s 21st birthday party.  The restaurant was small and very happily set up the meal I had requested due to being extremely low fat right now, post surgery.  Yes, there was cheesy garlic bread, Caesar salad, loaded baked potatoes, lots of pizza, and homemade German chocolate cake (and of course lots of alcohol, he was celebrating being 21!!!), but I just smiled through it all, drank my water and waited for my special dinner.  I got to sit next to the birthday boy, so I still had a wonderful time.  Here are some photos:

My precious Drew:  (his best friend behind him.)

My Three Grandsons…(all my grandchildren.)

One view of the party table.

No explanation required…

Drew and his mom, my older daughter, Shelley…

Friday thoughts…

…staples out.  The only ones that hurt were the 2 that were already pretty red from staples irritation.  And even those…was just a tiny bit of pain when removed.  Even the ones in the navel…didn’t feel a thing.  :: phew ::

….yes, I’ll be watching the Royal Wedding.  But not live.  That’s why God gave us DVR’s.  🙂  (if it wasn’t at about 3-4 am, I might watch live.  But that’s the time here on the west coast and no, not gonna happen.)

….I’m sad this is my last day off work.  At first, of course, I was in the muck of post-surgery.  Then, I was adjusting to time off more than a few days-week.  I actually felt guilty.  Not because of the time now, my body clearly needed it, but guilty about what my time will be like when I’m retired, and poor hubby is still working (even though at home) because he’s 16 years younger than me.  Then he convinced me that I had damned well EARNED the right.  That I didn’t feel I would have to keep myself ‘occupied’…that if I wanted to read, watch some tv, snooze, develop hobbies beyond what I have now, putz on the pc…I had EARNED it.  That no apologies were necessary.  That retirement was MEANT for relaxing and slowing down.  It took me a few days earlier this week to accept that.  It was a good trial run on retirement.

…sickened by yet another school shooting.  I read a great tweet on the subject this morning:  “I was told thoughts and prayers for Santa Fe High School. I prayed and God told me to knock it off and call my legislators and tell them to take action to put an end to gun violence.”

Pretty well sums it up.  I’m trying to stay politics-free here now, but some things just scream to be heard.

Going to my oldest grandson’s delayed 21st birthday party tomorrow at an Italian restaurant.  I have perused the menu.  With luck, and a little help from their kitchen, I’ll be able to get some pasta not covered in oil/butter with some skinless chicken on top of it.  Maybe some bread without butter or oil on it.  If not, I sit and smile.  C’est la vie.  Not upsetting the apple cart to go along with the program.  Just happy that I’ll be able to attend!

Have a glorious weekend!

I was right

They are arresting the bomb victim’s ex-boyfriend/partner.  They found ‘destructive devices’ in his home.  They apparently broke up a month ago, but where still business partners…

Sad, but as I expected.

Today I get my staples out; I can’t wait!  I have one that has gotten a bit red/angry, but from a photo the nurse was sure it was irritation from the staples, not an actual infection.  So it will be good to get them all removed.

Got a late-in-the-day email from my H/R.  They are ‘allowing’ this modified work schedule for two months.  If at that point I still need it, ‘we will need to revisit the modified work schedule. “

Frankly, I don’t understand their interference.  If I’m going back to full time, I would think any work arrangement otherwise would be between my boss and me.  But oh well, out of my control.  Hopefully it will be a non-issue by then.  (but I’ve already had 2 D bouts this past half hour, so it ain’t going away quickly.)  I will be taking a prescribed pain pill for the staples removal; hopefully that will bind me up a tiny bit.  (sorry TMI.)  😉

It’s a glorious day.  It’s wrapped up in the appointment though.  I am going to miss this time off.  It’s given me a nice glimpse of retirement (although I’ve been post surgical recouping mode)…and I LIKE IT.

Hope you are all doing well!  I used some time yesterday visiting a couple of new-to-me blogs, and it was fun!  I’m definitely back in the blogging groove!  When I’m back to work next week, obviously I’ll have less time for this, but it’s back to being a priority of my down time again….because you are all so wonderful!  🙂

Need to get out of the house

I’ve been cooped up since the surgery 5/6.  I NEED OUT.

So I’m taking a little gypsy-jaunt to Bed Bath and Beyond.  And if I feel okay leaving there, I might mosey over to Pier One, too.  I have 2 birthday gifts to pick up, and want to get new towels to cover the patio furniture.

I’ll be careful.  I’m not really in any pain anymore.  Just the morning D is all.  I just need some change of scenery.  I take this as a good sign.

In case any of you are wondering, the explosion in Aliso Viejo yesterday is about 5-7 minutes from my home.  My doctor’s office is RIGHT across the street.  They have confirmed it was a bomb, or at least not a gas leak.  It’s so weird, though.  This is a very ‘upwardly mobile’ community, about as crime free as ANYWHERE in America, and it was a relatively small, obscure, 2 story medical office building.  I am sure, when all is said and done, they’ll find out it was a (psycho) disgruntled ex employee or an angry ex spouse.  No way was this ‘high profile’ enough, to be a terror incident.

Now that I think about it, that crime scene is between me and Pier One.  So I might not venture there; I’m sure it will still be teeming with authorities.  So sad.  😦

Anyhow, that’s all I have for today.

Hope you are having a fabulous day!

job return update

Well, I emailed my boss this morning, (and H/R), and gave them background information on how the body responds to gallbladder removal surgery, how I’m faring, and 3 ‘accommodation’ request options…(a little different from what I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post):

“1.  I work from home 7:30-10:00 am, drive in, and work 10:30-4:30 with a half hour lunch break.  8 hour day. (a bit risky if my issue extends any morning beyond 10 am.)
2.  I work mornings from home, and afternoons in the office.  Same general 7:30-4:30 schedule.  8 hour day. (safer option.)
3.  I work a shortened schedule, 10:30-5:00 in the office, with a half hour lunch break.  6 hour day.  
My preference is #2, #1, #3…in that order. “

I told them that neither I nor doctors had any crystal ball, the situation could last a few days, a few weeks, a few months, forever.

Within a half hour, my boss responded with:

“I am fine with your choice, I don’t see any issue whatsoever. Adjust what works for you.”

I take that to mean I can work from home in the mornings, and come in for the afternoon hours to the office.  I emailed him for confirmation on that, because I’m anal that way.  LOL  Haven’t heard back, so I take that to mean yes, work from home in the mornings, and no time limit put on it.  Adjust what works for me.

ETA:  Boss confirmed yes, #2.  mornings work at home, afternoons work in office.


I am so relieved!!!  Doing happy dances in my mind here. 

(and since I’ll be working full time, that ends disability and I don’t think H/R could complain even if they wanted to, since my boss agrees to my request.)  (I’m pretty sure.  I’m not asking.)


Oddly enough, I did just have a bout…later in the morning than I normally do.  I’ll take it as a one-off; I have a feeling no longer worrying or fretting about this work situation, and my boss being so wonderful about it…will ease my symptoms hopefully a little too.  My UC is as much stress-related as it is to foods that I can’t tolerate.  Less stress means better health.

So, I’m pretty darned thrilled right now.  🙂