End of an era

Hi, anyone still reading/checking.

Well, I had an emergency gall bladder removal Sunday night.  (fortunately, it was the laproscopic version, but it’s still major surgery with 4 incision sites and plenty of staples to show for it.)

So, for the next month, at least, almost a zero fat diet.

No beef.

No more than 2 g. of fat per meal.

Meals will consist of:

skinless chicken or turkey
dry bread
baked potato or baked yam
pasta-no sauce
a tiny bit of grape jelly
I tried banana-it was a no go

Yeah, sucks to be me.  I’m off work until at least 5/21, but if my digestive system doesn’t compensate for the lack of the gallbladder soon, I might have to do reduced hours, because as of now, I couldn’t make it out of the house before 9-9:30 am.  We’ll see how I am; I get the staples removed on Thursday afternoon.

So, primal diet is a thing of the past for me.  With luck, I can add beef/fats at SOME point, but I don’t anticipate a steak or hamburgers for months and months, if ever.  Once you’ve had this pain, and learn what your body can do after the organ is gone, hell if you want to tempt fate.

On the plus side, I’ve lost 4 lbs. in 3 days, post op this week.  Not how you want to do it, but it needed to be done.

Once I get a little better, hopefully by next week, I shall be able to venture some small amount of time in my 2nd week off visiting your blogs.  I have missed you.

Word to the wise; easy on fats.  Even the ‘healthy’ ones.  Because you never know if you are susceptible to this; no family history of gallbladder issues, yet here I sit.

Oh well….

thanks for still dropping by!

36 thoughts on “End of an era

  1. Lynda

    My goodness you've been in the wars lately and I was just thinking you were doing so much better then this! I hope you have a good recovery and can get back to normal eating before too long.


  2. tammy j

    get well soon! that horrible pain will finally be gone now. you're put up with so much.i had mine out when i was 36! it's the first surgery i'd ever had. a vertical 9 inch incision. good thing i didn't want to wear bikinis anymore. they used staples on mine too. and i dreaded them taking those out more than anything! LOL. but it was easy.i pictured pinchers like in an office and thought it would be so painful! it wasn't at all. i'm continuing well on my Vegan lifestyle. actually they make it so easy for you now! i had a hotdog with the great trimmings… mustard and relish … and next i want to make chili for it with soy crumbles. i swear you can't tell it from a real hot dog.the Boca or Morningstar Farms grilled patties are like grilled hamburger patties! and great for your arteries… so no guilt. 🙂 glad you did this before you retire. now you'll love retirement even more. be careful lifting your purse! most women's purses are over the weight limit until full recovery! xo


  3. Ann

    Get better soon. I had mine out years ago. The only issue I ever really had was that for a while anything I ate went right through me.


  4. DJan

    Glad to hear you are on the mend. Be careful what you ask for, as they say: now it should be easy to lose a few more pounds. Sorry to hear about the surgery, though. 😦


  5. Olga Hebert

    So sorry you had to go through this. I hope you able to make adjustments. For some reason I am sensitive to how my body reacts to food and my gallbladder speaks up whenever I eat a certain level of fat. My friend, who was irritated that I did not want her famous mac and cheese made with heavy cream and lots of butter, said “just have your gall bladder taken out.” I prefer to keep my body parts whenever possible and make diet adjustments, but my friend thinks that is crazy. I guess she really loves her mac and cheese!


  6. Jeanie

    Oh, I remember being in the ER with my gall bladdar and I'm sorry you had to do the surgery that fast but good to get it done with. You'll be back to relatively normal soon, so long as it was just the gall bladder and no, you won't always have to eat that way, just till it adjusts. I had mine over a year ago and now can have anything. I try not to eat too fast or too much fat in one meal but can do fried foods now easily and all that jazz. It takes awhile. The best thing about it, though, is the weight loss now. I keep thinking I should go back on that just to lose a few pounds! Good luck and quick healing to you.


  7. Silver Willow

    Yep, it's been a pretty crappy couple of years, health-wise. But I'm looking at this as a golden opportunity to stop the idiocy (on my part) and finally do what's right for my body. 🙂 And 'normal eating' will be entirely different for me going forward than it has in the past. I have a taxed liver to think about now. I intend to honor it. 🙂


  8. Silver Willow

    Initially I feared the staples removal too; right now, least of my concerns. Pain level is reasonable now, it's the digestive issues that I worry about.Congrats on the vegan lifestyle! I don't think my UC would allow for that, but in a few months time I intend to up my veggie intake considerably as digestion allows. And red meat, alcohol, excess sugar, all are things of the past for me now. I have a compromised liver to care for. :)Thanks for the warning about the purse; fortunately I keep them light. 🙂


  9. Silver Willow

    Yes, I've had multiple kidney stones, but this was worse because the pain was across the entire top half of my abdomen. It took 2 shots of morphine to make it tolerable. I was crying. For sure. Glad that's over.and thanks, Janie!


  10. Silver Willow

    I've lost 5 lbs. in the past 4 days. Yep, not the best way to lose it, but I definitely needed to lose it and about 30 more. It will happen. And thanks, Jan.


  11. Silver Willow

    You are the wise one. Unfortunately, the stone (one of many) blocking the bile duct gave me no other option than remove. I blame the high fat diet I was on. Entirely. Some can handle it, my body apparently can't. That lifestyle is over.and thanks, Olga!


  12. Silver Willow

    Jeanie, thanks for hearing your experience. You read nothing but horror stories on the internet, because the people with successful experiences don't take the time to write about them on the internet. :)My days of steaks and lots of butter and all that went with the high fat diet are gone. My liver could no longer take that. I have accepted that. I of course hope to get a little more leeway at some point in my diet like you have, but I have to accept my liver will always be compromised now (especially at my age and with my history of UC), and just accept it for what it is, and make the best of it. Again, thanks so much.


  13. Arkansas Patti

    You are the second person I know this week to have lost their gall bladder. I had mine taken out years ago and never had any dietary restrictions. The surgery was a nightmare (21 days in the hospital) but my recovery was smooth. My friend that just had hers out was told her body would tell her what she couldn't eat. Like you with bananas. Hope you are back in the swing again soon and eating more normally.


  14. Silver Willow

    thanks, Patti. The doctor said I could eat normally. Yeah, no. Doctors I swear to God are the worst when it comes to nutrition. I have to be on very low fat for at least a month. If I ever want to leave the house, anyhow, and not be tied to the bathroom…thanks!


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