job return update

Well, I emailed my boss this morning, (and H/R), and gave them background information on how the body responds to gallbladder removal surgery, how I’m faring, and 3 ‘accommodation’ request options…(a little different from what I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post):

“1.  I work from home 7:30-10:00 am, drive in, and work 10:30-4:30 with a half hour lunch break.  8 hour day. (a bit risky if my issue extends any morning beyond 10 am.)
2.  I work mornings from home, and afternoons in the office.  Same general 7:30-4:30 schedule.  8 hour day. (safer option.)
3.  I work a shortened schedule, 10:30-5:00 in the office, with a half hour lunch break.  6 hour day.  
My preference is #2, #1, #3…in that order. “

I told them that neither I nor doctors had any crystal ball, the situation could last a few days, a few weeks, a few months, forever.

Within a half hour, my boss responded with:

“I am fine with your choice, I don’t see any issue whatsoever. Adjust what works for you.”

I take that to mean I can work from home in the mornings, and come in for the afternoon hours to the office.  I emailed him for confirmation on that, because I’m anal that way.  LOL  Haven’t heard back, so I take that to mean yes, work from home in the mornings, and no time limit put on it.  Adjust what works for me.

ETA:  Boss confirmed yes, #2.  mornings work at home, afternoons work in office.


I am so relieved!!!  Doing happy dances in my mind here. 

(and since I’ll be working full time, that ends disability and I don’t think H/R could complain even if they wanted to, since my boss agrees to my request.)  (I’m pretty sure.  I’m not asking.)


Oddly enough, I did just have a bout…later in the morning than I normally do.  I’ll take it as a one-off; I have a feeling no longer worrying or fretting about this work situation, and my boss being so wonderful about it…will ease my symptoms hopefully a little too.  My UC is as much stress-related as it is to foods that I can’t tolerate.  Less stress means better health.

So, I’m pretty darned thrilled right now.  🙂

26 thoughts on “job return update

  1. Jean R.

    That's great news. I'm glad your boss is willing to work this out with you. Sounds like he values your contribution to the team.


  2. Sharon Anck

    Glad to hear your work arrangement has worked out for you. I gall bladder surgery about 12 years ago and I don't recall that I had any side effects at all. I guess I was lucky.


  3. Arkansas Patti

    See, all you had to do was ask. Obviously you are valuable enough for them to work around your schedule. So happy for you and perhaps with that stressor removed, things will calm down.


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