I was right

They are arresting the bomb victim’s ex-boyfriend/partner.  They found ‘destructive devices’ in his home.  They apparently broke up a month ago, but where still business partners…

Sad, but as I expected.

Today I get my staples out; I can’t wait!  I have one that has gotten a bit red/angry, but from a photo the nurse was sure it was irritation from the staples, not an actual infection.  So it will be good to get them all removed.

Got a late-in-the-day email from my H/R.  They are ‘allowing’ this modified work schedule for two months.  If at that point I still need it, ‘we will need to revisit the modified work schedule. “

Frankly, I don’t understand their interference.  If I’m going back to full time, I would think any work arrangement otherwise would be between my boss and me.  But oh well, out of my control.  Hopefully it will be a non-issue by then.  (but I’ve already had 2 D bouts this past half hour, so it ain’t going away quickly.)  I will be taking a prescribed pain pill for the staples removal; hopefully that will bind me up a tiny bit.  (sorry TMI.)  😉

It’s a glorious day.  It’s wrapped up in the appointment though.  I am going to miss this time off.  It’s given me a nice glimpse of retirement (although I’ve been post surgical recouping mode)…and I LIKE IT.

Hope you are all doing well!  I used some time yesterday visiting a couple of new-to-me blogs, and it was fun!  I’m definitely back in the blogging groove!  When I’m back to work next week, obviously I’ll have less time for this, but it’s back to being a priority of my down time again….because you are all so wonderful!  🙂

27 thoughts on “I was right

  1. Elaine

    I hope the staple removal goes well and that things soon settle down for you. I can see that I need to do quite a lot of back-reading to discover your story – no time at the moment, though. 😦


  2. DJan

    Everything sounds like it's happening right on schedule. Glad your staples will be gone soon. If they aren't already 🙂


  3. tammy j

    there is something about self important HR people. what would the world do without them?LOLOL! oh dear bean. you are going to be SOOOOO happy when you're retired! and YOU are your own head of HR! LOL. XOXO


  4. Margaret-whiteangel

    Hope having the staples out didn't hurt too much.I recently had 5 stitches removed from my ear where the Dr. cut a piece out of my ear, and then just before that 7 stitches removed from surgery near the breast – the ear hurt having the stitches out, but of course they are not staples.


  5. Jeanie

    They do it because if they don't, everyone will ask for it for things far less critical. You probably can renew it if the doc says it's still an issue. But good news for now!Hope the removal went well!


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