Friday thoughts…

…staples out.  The only ones that hurt were the 2 that were already pretty red from staples irritation.  And even those…was just a tiny bit of pain when removed.  Even the ones in the navel…didn’t feel a thing.  :: phew ::

….yes, I’ll be watching the Royal Wedding.  But not live.  That’s why God gave us DVR’s.  🙂  (if it wasn’t at about 3-4 am, I might watch live.  But that’s the time here on the west coast and no, not gonna happen.)

….I’m sad this is my last day off work.  At first, of course, I was in the muck of post-surgery.  Then, I was adjusting to time off more than a few days-week.  I actually felt guilty.  Not because of the time now, my body clearly needed it, but guilty about what my time will be like when I’m retired, and poor hubby is still working (even though at home) because he’s 16 years younger than me.  Then he convinced me that I had damned well EARNED the right.  That I didn’t feel I would have to keep myself ‘occupied’…that if I wanted to read, watch some tv, snooze, develop hobbies beyond what I have now, putz on the pc…I had EARNED it.  That no apologies were necessary.  That retirement was MEANT for relaxing and slowing down.  It took me a few days earlier this week to accept that.  It was a good trial run on retirement.

…sickened by yet another school shooting.  I read a great tweet on the subject this morning:  “I was told thoughts and prayers for Santa Fe High School. I prayed and God told me to knock it off and call my legislators and tell them to take action to put an end to gun violence.”

Pretty well sums it up.  I’m trying to stay politics-free here now, but some things just scream to be heard.

Going to my oldest grandson’s delayed 21st birthday party tomorrow at an Italian restaurant.  I have perused the menu.  With luck, and a little help from their kitchen, I’ll be able to get some pasta not covered in oil/butter with some skinless chicken on top of it.  Maybe some bread without butter or oil on it.  If not, I sit and smile.  C’est la vie.  Not upsetting the apple cart to go along with the program.  Just happy that I’ll be able to attend!

Have a glorious weekend!

26 thoughts on “Friday thoughts…

  1. Anonymous

    Restaurant eating can be the hardest on those of us with digestive issues. Sometimes it's best to just have a glass of water (or wine, if you can get it).


  2. Silver Willow

    oh, no wine/alcohol. This liver is already compromised, recovering from the loss of it's partner, the gallbladder. But yes, if I can't get my food exactly as I need it (discreetly), then it will just be water. 🙂


  3. Cynthia

    I love the little anole guy next to your signature! We have the real thing on our house. It will be hard to get used to eating out and seeing everyone have the things you would love to eat. I'm just sick at another school shootings too. It's just not right that gun owners' rights are more important than those of our vulnerable land precious children.


  4. Silver Willow

    He is cute, huh? And it appears he's drinking my favorite tropical drink of all time, a Blue Hawaii. LOLI have been on low carb diets (of one degree of strictness or another) for over 5 years…so I'm used to being the odd duck at restaurants. It'll be okay. :)Yes, our precious children are paying the price (and well, of course, the victim's parents/family.) So sad. So unnecessary.


  5. Debbie

    most restaurants are very accommodating these days. so many people have dietary restrictions, i'm sure they will be able to help out!!i could not believe the news this morning about the school shooting. it surely brought a sadness to my day!!


  6. Jean R.

    Love that tweet. I'm glad you shared it.I'm hoping to watch the royal wedding if I can work it around my grocery shopping, recycling and trip to the gas station.


  7. tammy j

    all systems go!and a happy birthday to your grandson!i'm happy for you Silver Willow. you have a wise and wonderful husband.yes. we have EARNED it! it took me awhile too. i felt guilty somehow. as if 27 years of working and taking care of myself without him wasn't enough! now i know what's true and real. and when i meet up with him in heaven we can trade notes! XO


  8. Margaret-whiteangel

    Happy Birthday to your grandson.Good to have the staples out and now you really can move forward.Going to watch the Wedding (Royal) as it's on at 7pm down here…looking forward to it.


  9. Ann

    Hooray for staples removed. I hope the restaurant can accommodate you. Your husband is so right about you have earned the right to slow down if you want.


  10. coffeeontheporchwithme

    I'm so happy to hear your staple removing was not too bad. (I'm such a “procedure worrier” that I was even worried for you!) I understand what you mean about feeling guilty if you aren't doing something. I still have three more years until retirement, and I know that I need to be thinking about getting more hobbies, or joining something so that I have things to do (there's always housework…). -Jenn


  11. Arkansas Patti

    That taste of retirement just makes one want more. It really is delightful. I just watched the wedding part and cried per usual. That shooting should be the final straw but I doubt it. We need to use our voting power to hopefully make a difference. It Must Stop.


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