Yesterday was a very lovely day.  As soon as I got up, I settled into to watch the BBC’s recording I made of the royal wedding.

I blubbered on…when Harry and William got out of the car in all their military splendor, when the trumpets played, with Meghan unveiled her gorgeous, classy gown, when Harry whispered ‘you look amazing!’ to her, yeah, pretty much through all of it.

I forgot how much I love royal weddings.  Hubby doesn’t understand it.  The best explanation is, I guess because I’m a girl.  We grow up reading fantasy about princesses.  My generation fell in love with Diana….the closeness she shared with her boys, her tragedy, and their rise to find love on their own terms….and yet still honoring their mother’s love.  What’s not to love?  🙂

Then, got ready for and went to my oldest grandson’s 21st birthday party.  The restaurant was small and very happily set up the meal I had requested due to being extremely low fat right now, post surgery.  Yes, there was cheesy garlic bread, Caesar salad, loaded baked potatoes, lots of pizza, and homemade German chocolate cake (and of course lots of alcohol, he was celebrating being 21!!!), but I just smiled through it all, drank my water and waited for my special dinner.  I got to sit next to the birthday boy, so I still had a wonderful time.  Here are some photos:

My precious Drew:  (his best friend behind him.)

My Three Grandsons…(all my grandchildren.)

One view of the party table.

No explanation required…

Drew and his mom, my older daughter, Shelley…

36 thoughts on “21!!

  1. Margaret-whiteangel

    Happy Birthday to the birthday man – would be nice to be 21 again 🙂 Lovely family photos..I too watched the Royal Wedding and thought Meghan the Duchess of Sussex looked lovely, simplistic which was good to see…she is a sweet women.


  2. Jean R.

    You have a lovely family. I wish I was 21 again also.The royal wedding was perfect in every sense of the word. And it was almost like the ordered the weather from Hollywood!


  3. Debbie

    21 – such a special birthday – nice pictures of the family!! i'm with your husband, i don't get or connect with these royal weddings!! i hope you had a nice weekend!!


  4. Lynda

    Wow, 21 and all grown up! What lovely grandsons you have – I'm so glad you managed to get a meal to suit at the restaurant.


  5. Toni

    What a lovely day. Fairy tale wedding, handsome prince, beautiful bride, birthday celebration! Full day.Your grandsons are handsome!


  6. tammy j

    you nailed it on both counts with this one sweet silver willow!life is good.and both celebrations (the wedding and the birthday!) were wonderful. xo


  7. Granny Annie

    I spent my Saturday watching all 6 hours of the Royal wedding. The show SUITS was one of my favorites and so I felt like I was kin to Megan. And yes, I cried a lot too.


  8. Arkansas Patti

    Happy Birthday Drew, you are legal. You really have a splendid batch of boys there. Watched the actual wedding part and cried per usual as I do for all weddings.


  9. Jeanie

    Lots of love this weekend for you! And I know, I watched and loved every second. But then you got to “crown” it with another celebrations. Sounds perfect.


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