it’s not blogging OD, it’s computer OD

I just realized that.  I work 8 hours a day on the PC.  I just don’t have much if any desire at the moment to be on it AFTER those 8 hours are done. 

I’ll check in with you guys on the weekend, once, but until those 8 hours a day of PC are done, that’s probably the best you’ll get from me here….sorry.

I did see the GI doctor, he’s prescribed medicine I can take to help bind the bile situation, but I can see an improvement anyhow, so I’m delaying using it for a week until I hit the one month mark.  If I’m still gradually improving without it, I’ll delay using it. 

Other than that, not much going on. 

Love ya!  Happy Memorial Day!

13 thoughts on “it’s not blogging OD, it’s computer OD

  1. tammy j

    I never even bought a computer until after I retired!I couldn't face one at home after spending all day at it. so I understand! xo


  2. Margaret-whiteangel

    Glad all is going alright – soon be totally improved.Can certainly understand the computer 8 hour day, one wouldn't want to look at one till the next workday…like playing golf 8 hours a day, then playing again at night – one needs a break!


  3. Joared

    I can surely understand that you're computered-out. I get that way every once in a while and don't even work on a computer. I'll look for you when I see the print on the page here.


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