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TGIF-puppy edition

Puppies.  Sweet, adorable puppies.  Because it beats anything having to do with the news these days.  Especially this pretty awful week.

I can just hear this one howling, in a sweet puppy voice.  Can’t you:


I have my ‘special’ china.  The one I use for family get togethers (once or twice a year, plus once in a while when I just want a special change of pace.)  Service for twelve.  Very old fashioned, delicate little pattern of pink roses with soft green foilage.  Actually, it was my oldest daughter’s wedding china.  But about 12 years ago or so, she admitted she preferred my then china (white and silver), and I preferred hers, and we were both divorced at that time…so we actually swapped.  🙂

About 5-6 years ago I bought some beautiful Kate Spade (  sad  ) every day china.  White background (there is something about my OCD that makes me need a pretty stark/clean white background on my dishes, not anything else)…with big, bold, gorgeous royal and navy blue floral pattern.  Here:

About the same time, I got some solid every day (porcelain) white dishes.  These, but just the dinner plates.  I never used them.

Instead, I have only used the Kate Spade, every single day for at least five years now.  With solid turquoise blue quilted place mats and matching napkins.  (Or navy ones, during the winter.)  Yes, I love the pattern; they are GORGEOUS dishes.  But….


So I got a hair up my #$)*$ this week that I would put away the Kate Spade’s, at least for the rest of the summer, and just use the whites.  I would get NEW quilted place mats, and NEW cloth napkins, and enjoy those for the summer.

I ordered these place mats:

I got cloth napkins in pink, peach, and a matching green.  (set of 4 on everything.  It’s just the two of us!) (plus it kept the cost down.)

I can’t wait for them to all arrive!  I should have in the next day or two.  I’m SET.  It’s all very exciting!

How are YOU about dishes?  What types (every day china, melamine, stoneware) of dishes do you use?

Do you use place mats, and/or tablecloths (I only bring out the tablecloths when the family is here)?  Paper napkins or cloth?  (I use cloth because it certainly saves money over time!)

Anyhow, I’m bored.  Time for a switch up.  Very exciting!

Imporant info re htttps settings for your blog

Hi everyone!

The oddest thing happened yesterday!  I was trying to add a (new to me) blogger’s blog to my blog list ‘gadget’ / sidebar yesterday, and when I clicked the ‘edit’ icon on my blog’s front page to do so, I kept getting a big, red MacAfee (my virus software) warning that the site I was trying to go to was extremely risky.  I tried it multiple times, same thing.  I shut my pc down, restarted, same thing.  Then I tried other gadget edit buttons, I couldn’t get past the red MacAfee screen no matter how hard I tried!

I then went to the Blogger Support Forum, couldn’t find any similar complaints, so I created one.  I came to find out that Blogger is changing many things ‘in the background’, and one of them is the https (safety) settings.  I had apparently ignored an admin panel notice previously (clicked it dead), and didn’t realize.  According to Blogger yesterday, Blogger blogs that don’t change their https settings by the end of the month, well, in their words  “Otherwise your blog will no longer work properly in popular web browsers starting next month.”

So/but don’t worry.  I followed the easy directions, and within 5 minutes all was fixed and working properly.  But I want to explain to you here

1.  how to determine (if you don’t know) if you need to do this,
2.  how to fix it if you do need to
3.  what to do if you have a private domain name and need to fix it to.  It’s easy.  🙂

First, this applies only to Blogger blogs.  But if you have a or .com, you might want to check with them re https settings, if they aren’t already set up.

To know if you, as a Blogger user, needs to do this, look at your url line.  Does it start with https?  If so, you must’ve made the changes Blogger told you to make and didn’t ignore then ‘x’ out of the Admin Panel notice a couple months back.  But if you DON’T see ‘https’, please follow these directions.  Also, if you have a private domain, please still check the steps below, just to be sure.

1.  Go to your admin panel, and click ‘settings’ and then ‘basic.’  
2.  Scroll down to ‘https availability.’  
3.  In the first box, if it says ‘no, change it to yes.  Then you will get a notice that it could take a few minutes to activate.  Wait a few minutes-up to five minutes, but it was only a few minutes for me.
4.  when it seems to be done (it will tell you to wait, otherwise), then click the 2nd box ‘https redirect’ to yes as well.  Once it takes a moment or two, to permanently change to ‘yes’, you are done.  There were no hiccups for me, and that’s it.

Apparently this all has to do with the British or Europe changes taking place, web safety wise, next month, whether you live in that area or not.  So you definitely need to make sure you are set for https.  It seems MacAfee’s warnings were a good thing for me.  

Anyhow, if you have any questions, I can’t technically answer them, but here is the link to my thread at the Blogger Support Forum, and Blogger could help you there:!msg/blogger/uOiXMu8d2Ro/1_vYx78WAgAJ

I don’t know about you, but all this techno stuff is a pain, but sometimes we need to deal with it.  I hope this helps you.  Back to regular programming tomorrow!

Salad Dressing

BY FAR, my favorite salad dressing is Annie’s Organic Papaya Poppy Seed Dressing!  It is simply AMAZING!  I never leave a DROP on my plate!

Unfortunately, the only place I can find this flavor is at Whole Foods.  But it’s always there.  I see Target, Amazon, and Walmart sell it online.  SO SO GOOD.

I love Ranch too, but I can’t eat it at home.  Bottled and make-your-own have MSG in it.  A big no go for me.  Some restaurant brands are fine, though.

Nope, Annie’s Papaya Poppy Seed is the one for me.  yum yum yum!

So what are your favorite salad dressings?  I do love Caesar salad dressing too.  And a good Roquefort.


Salads are back!

I’m very excited!  7 weeks post gall bladder (emergency) removal surgery, I can finally have salads/fresh produce again!  So pretty much I’m back to a full diet now.  YAY!  That means I can start trying to lose some excess weight again.  I’m very happy!  I can’t do the super low carb I have used in the past, due to my UC, but I can at least go more low calorie now.  I can’t do higher fat like a keto diet would be…without a gall bladder that would be too much work for my liver/rest of my body.  So yea, this is going to take longer than it has in the past.  But I’m hopeful I can shed at least some of this extra weight.  Plus, being able to eat fresh produce is so, so much healthier for me than what I’ve been relegated to these past 7 weeks!

Yesterday we went out for brunch, and met with my husband’s best friend from college, who he hasn’t seen in 16 years.  (he lives in Boston, and is here visiting his wife’s best friend, after visiting their daughter in Northern California.)  We had a really lovely visit for several hours.  I’m so glad the two guys were able to get together.  I really liked him, too, so the time flew by.

After that, since Bubba Watson was ‘in the hunt’ for the week’s PGA tournament, and I needed a pc break, I just laid low the rest of the afternoon and watched some TV.  I couldn’t enjoy the patio because hubby was putzing trying to fix the Malibu lights and there was dirt everywhere.  We had lovely steaks and a summer salad for dinner.  Lovely end to the weekend.  🙂

Now, time to catch up at your blogs!  I hope you all had a good weekend!


Okay, yes, it’s pretty amusing that a couple of days ago I wrote a post called ‘Koko’, and now I’m writing one called ‘Coco.’  (no Cocoa post coming later this week.) (I crack myself up sometimes. LOL)

And yes, I’m a little bit slow on getting on the Coco (the Pixar movie) train.  I have literally no excuse.  I LOVE Halloween.  I LOVE Day of the Dead stuff.  LOVE IT, I tell you.  Why didn’t I see this movie (in all its glory) in a theater last year?  I have absolutely no excuse, except I don’t tend to like to share my movie experience with a bunch of noisy kids.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But I have to tell you, this is now I think my most favorite animated film of all time, and there have been some GREAT ones.

But the story is amazing; sweet, tender, humorous; it has it all.

The visual graphics/effects, especially of animated skeletons, is AMAZING.

The topic…well, like I said, Halloween is very dear to my heart, and the whole history and tradition of Mexico especially Dia de los Muertos…..I adore.  To see it so well played out, so adoringly and faithfully, warmed the cockles of my heart.

Now I have to find some ‘Pops’ characters from the movie to own.  I have my eyes on your Hector and Imelda!

Save the date!

Well, after MUCH thought on the subject, and after a thorough discussion with Mr. Silver, we have agreed that I shall make my last day working full time (i.e., retire) on Tuesday, October 30th.  NOT 12/12.

My reasons?  We want to put the house on the market right after the holidays the beginning of January.  (I know that’s a traditionally poor time to sell a home, but not as much here in mild winter southern California.)  (the housing market here is very robust right now.  I think the average sell time, even for a townhome like ours, is less than a few weeks.)  ANYHOW, I want some time after I retire, before we start the fishbowl existence of selling a home and then packing up and moving elsewhere, to:

1.  RELAX.  Yes, I’d like a few weeks to a month of just enjoying the calm of being newly retired.
2.  Do some deep cleaning, maybe even boxing up some of the minutea.

If I waited until 12/12 to retire as originally planned, that wouldn’t happen.  I’d be smack dab in the middle of holiday preparations and activity.  I want a month before that to just UNWIND (and build strength for the sell/move.)

Now our work week runs from Thursdays to Wednesdays.  So generally they like to start new employees on a Thursday and have people quit (or terminated) on a Wednesday.  But that would mean retiring on Halloween.  I don’t want that!  I want to go out to dinner the night I retire to celebrate.  I wouldn’t want to do that Halloween night.  So I’ll retire the day before instead.  My work can just ‘deal’ with me quitting a day before their ‘precious Wednesday.’  What are they going to do, fire me?  LOL

Yep, so it’s set.  I have only 89 more days of working full time left before me.  I’m over the moon about that!

I will tell them at work about the change of date (I had already informed my boss about 12/12 a couple of months ago)…the end of August.  That will still give them a 60 day notice.  Plenty of time.  My boss even said a few weeks ago, in relation to someone else leaving (actually, a previous co-worker of ours had gone to another company several years ago, announced his retirement this April, and they had him replaced in less than 30 days…and my boss was agreeing how rotten that was, and/but that 30 days notice was plenty of time to give any company; no need to announce much sooner than that.)  (so he’ll be okay with my still giving him 60 days.)

Anyhoo, enough of the details that probably only matter to me and my hubby.  I’m so jazzed!  woot woot!!!!