the verdict: the roses must go

Those damnable spider mites have returned.  On all but one bush.  They must all go/be removed.  The only spray that works on them is extremely toxic; and needs to be sprayed too often to be safe to my hubby, me, or any other living creature within 20 feet or so.  It’s just not worth it.

A 40 year hobby, down the drain.  Very depressing.  I just hope the little shits continue to leave the hibiscus’ alone…

How YOU doing?

24 thoughts on “the verdict: the roses must go

  1. Margaret-whiteangel

    What do you call spider mite I wonder! I guess it's the same as we have down here.What a pity you can't use the spray to kill them if they are the same spite mite as we have here. Shame if the roses have to go..


  2. Marcia

    I saw a video about the Buckingham Palace gardens and they use a weekly spray that contains garlic for those mites and aphids. They don't use anything toxic.


  3. Silver Willow

    We can spray to kill them. But it requires spraying about every 2 weeks, and the only spray working is VERY toxic. I just can't in morale good conscience subject hubby, myself, or the environment to that.


  4. ellen abbott

    sorry about that. my dad grew gorgeous roses. I can't grow then for squat. this house had 6 knockout rose bushes in front when we bought it 10 years ago. now there are four. and the climbing roses in back don't look that great.


  5. Silver Willow

    aww, that's too bad. They really are pretty hardy, but they are labor-intensive. I won't miss that too much (the labor intensive part.) I will miss the glorious 10 months a year floral display, though….oh well, less than a year left living here. Won't be my concern by then anyhow. I'll just plant a couple of hibiscus (who don't seem to get overwhelmed by the little buggers), and the new owners can enjoy those. 🙂


  6. Blondie's Journal

    I am so, so sorry that I haven't been around to you, nor know the troubles you've had. From one post-surgical gal, it's a pretty shitty deal. I'm 8 weeks out and in incredible pain. Opiad abuse is so prevalent now, I won't be able to get any med past this point. And I'm in pain so much of the time. I try to get by with Tylenol and resting. Then I feel like a lout. Yet–I don't want the problems associated with med withdrawal. But now you…you have serious probs with eating and digestion. I had no idea what the gallbladder's function was. Please take it easy when you can (as everyone says to me and it doesn't work that way). My husband talks of retiring—he's a bit older than me. I encourage him to do it because the stress of his work makes us unbearable together. Of course we worry about finances. And I simply don't know if I could live with him 24/7! lol!So, dear friend…confide if you want. I'm here and I never turn away someone who is struggling in much the way I am.Much love,Jane x


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