holy crap!

I checked the TV Guide on the TV before we went to bed, the U.S. Open TV coverage starts at 8:00 am Saturday morning and 7:00 am Sunday morning!  Over 8 hours of coverage both days!  Holy crap indeed!

No, I’m not setting my alarm for this (particularly Sunday.)  I get up when the dogs won’t let us sleep any longer (generally around 7:30), and I’ll turn on the TV when I am ready to.  I don’t need to see every nano-second! 

I’m thrilled that 3 golfers I really like are at/near the top of the Leader board:  Dustin Johnson starts Day 3 in the lead, and Brooks Koepka (T4) and Ricky Fowler (T9) are up there too!

Can’t wait.  I’m definitely gonna be a coach potato all weekend!

20 thoughts on “holy crap!

  1. Linda deV

    I’m thrilled about Ricky for sure. All I really care about is Reed not doing well. I don’t like it when jerks win. Piercy is a name I didn’t recognize and I love an underdog.


  2. LL Cool Joe

    My partner plays golf at least 3 times a week and watches non stop too, along with every other sport going. I don't watch TV at all and hate most sport. 😀 Enjoy your weekend!


  3. Silver Willow

    I wish Jason Day would get his game back up to speed; love him too. I don't like jerks either, that's why I'm thrilled he's cut. Brooks became a favorite of me this year. He's pretty darned good looking, too. (physique wise. LOL)


  4. Blondie's Journal

    I'm not any sort of golfer, but my son is a professional and also teaches. Not me, of course. I watch it on the telly just to get a feel of what he does. I do love your sprit though!Jane


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