Slug City

No, not the yard.  Me.  This weekend.  I really was a slug.

In the meantime, the roses are all now gone.  I was more than a tad ticked off that the hibiscus I bought ended up being a CUTTING, not rooted.  Means I’ll have to tread a little more carefully with it for the next 4-6 weeks.  Hopefully it will survive.  It’s in the ground now.  Kudos to my amazing hubby for all his work for me this weekend.

I was thrilled that Brooks Koepke won the US Open…back to back.  An amazing accomplishment.  Only 6 other men have ever done that!

Other than that, I got nothing.  Father’s Day is not great for me.  For issues re my dad I’d rather not go into.  Though I thought fondly of my maternal grandfather; that man was a true gem in my life.  Hubby loved the Father’s Day gifts I bought him.  He’s a stepdad to my two daughters that he’s only a handful of years older than.  (that’s what happens when one robs the cradle.  LOL  He’s 16 years younger than me.)

The older dog threw up 4 times yesterday; she turns 15 the end of July.  Hubby changed the dog’s food, and apparently didn’t slowly work the new food in, and it was too much of a change for the older dog.  Poor thing.

That’s all I got, because I really was a slug this weekend.  🙂

28 thoughts on “Slug City

  1. Jean R.

    The make a pumpkin food additive for dogs that have upset stomachs. It really works as Levi can attest. I still feel badly about your beautiful roses.


  2. Linda deV

    Lordy!!! When Reed started rising I could hardly watch. I just kept saying Miss it, miss IT, MISS IT!!!!Nobody likes a puke.Go Koepke!!! Well done.


  3. Silver Willow

    You know, I only found out about the Reed crap yesterday. I am glad I didn't know during the Masters. It would've ruined it for me. ;)Yes, I was very happy for Brooks. 🙂


  4. Latane Barton

    Hello, Girl. Nothing better than a slug weekend. Except for church on Sunday, that was me, too. With the heat we are having, I like being a cool, air-conditioned slug!!


  5. Jeanie

    It was so hot here, I was a slug too. Well, not Saturday because we had to go to a memorial which was lovely — but outside and HOT! Yesterday I felt good that I actually made breakfast. It's here, that summer stuff!


  6. Arkansas Patti

    Don't feel badly. I just put in a slug two weeks and it cured all. Jean makes a good point about pumpkin. I got Mighty Dog through 17 years with a daily spoon full. Probably should be doing it for Callie also. Thanks for the reminder.


  7. Silver Willow

    I almost did a post over this! At first glance, sure it was a no no, but I figured he's profusely apologize, and mostly all would be forgotten. Yeah, no. Basically, he blew it off. THAT pissed me off more than the actual offense. He admitted he worked the rules, and that really, really disappointed me. I thought he was better than that. Maybe all the innuendo about him over the years is actually true…which makes me sad.How'd you feel?


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