Not getting into specifics, but…

…it seems like our collective moral compass is completely haywire.  Our humanity is hiding.  Our empathy is nonexistent.  It all is going to hell in a hand basket.  It’s becoming harder and harder to tolerate the intolerance.

Not going into naming names.  Specifics.  Politics.  I’m just saying that this world pretty much sucks right now at caring for one another.

I am trying very hard to keep that all separate from here.  But sometimes, it just spills over.

But actually, blogging is a wonderful respite, because I’ve found some pretty amazing people here in the blogging world corner that I inhabit, and  it/you helps renew my hope that hope in mankind isn’t lost.  Because I have found you.

29 thoughts on “Not getting into specifics, but…

  1. mxtodis123

    I feel the same. I try to keep all the negativity from my blog but sometimes, it just eats away at me and I have to get it out. I'm 71 years old and have never seen this country as it is now. I pray every day for positive changes.


  2. Jean R.

    I just heard FOX is calling the border issue “like summer camps” for the children. I, too, have been trying hard to keep the sad state of our country out of my blog but it's really hard to ignore that elephant in the room.


  3. Silver Willow

    Well, one announcer at Fox is saying that. How about if she sends her kids to one of these 'camps', with no end date given, same as the children there? Let's see how 'summer camp' it becomes THEN.


  4. Marcia

    I had to write a post about the children being kidnapped from parents. The pictures are heart breaking. I had only one commenter who took T's position.


  5. A Brit in Tennessee

    I've decided to leave the television turned off and if there is a secluded little island somewhere in Never Never Land, now's the time to move.Thank you for stopping by and visiting.Hugs,~Jo


  6. Lynda

    Heck I'm all the way over here in New Zealand and I'm well aware of the complete change in morals, attitude and compassion. OK so I get that they don't want to encourage illegal immigrants but there has been such an immense change in some American's attitudes that it's clearly visible worldwide. The tolerance now of racism and hate and the brainwashing of his base about “fake news” is something I would liken to the early Nazi days.


  7. Arkansas Patti

    The wheels of decency are coming off and maybe if we all get off the couch, contact our congressmen and women and be sure to vote, we can right this ship. We must. I still believe there are more of us who care than them.


  8. Silver Willow

    I keep telling myself that those anywhere left of Alt-Right, ARE still in the majority, but if we can't affect change this November at the polls, we are doomed. Majority means nothing if we don't control any of the branches of the government.


  9. Silver Willow

    There is more of us, Patti, but if we don't change congress in November, we are doomed to continue to spiral downward. We must get out the vote, and make sure it's not tainted.


  10. Lynda

    One more comment to you all – Thank you to all the Americans who can see past this man's awful ways. It really gives us (in other countries) hope that it is only a minority that has this attitude. I love that so many of you are on the side of good and what is right.


  11. Silver Willow

    We are doing our best, but it's been over a year and a half of draining, morally defeating, awful sound bytes moment by moment with no relief at all. Nothing like it in my entire 66 years. I don't know how I'm going to handle it if we don't get some relief after the November elections.


  12. Jeanie

    I agree with you. I'm trying to keep it positive online but off I'm a mess. And I'll just say one thing — and I bet you'll know what I mean when I say it: What was she thinking?


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