2 social media habits; done

I gave up Twitter today.  Cut the cord.  Deactivated my account, then deleted the link on computers, my phone.

I gave up Facebook a few months ago.  I checked back to see when, and was surprised to find out it was exactly 4 months ago, to the day!  February 19th!  How funny!

I really haven’t missed Facebook at all.  Fortunately, both my daughters became more active on Instagram, so I don’t think I’m missing any grandkid photos.  Ultimately, that was both the first and last draw for me to Facebook.  When all the devious crap started to come up about Facebook, after already being burned out with the political stuff, I just deactivated.  End.  Fini.

With Twitter, it started differently.  I was big into fantasy football at the time, and it was an excellent way to get the most immediate news on players, so I could react quick.  I stopped playing in fantasy pools, but then started using Twitter with the election coming up.  Since then, it’s been nothing but a political-based time suck.  Every time I started to get burned out on politics, and tried just following photographers or something innocuous, I’d see something ‘trending’, and hop to see more, and boom…sucked in again.  I used an app to block the ‘trending’, but then, what was the point of using Twitter at all if you didn’t keep up with what was trending?

I decided today I just didn’t need the political aggravation, or especially the time suck.  I mean, one CAN only follow like-minded (politically) people on Twitter, but then you are just feeding each other’s anger, frustration, etc.  It was just not only killing valuable time, but with literally NO positive feedback, and I realized enough was enough.  If I was going to be on a computer for a time suck hobby, it needed to be a positive time suck, like blogging.  LOL

I did read something interesting when I was researching this a bit today:

Trump and other celebrity news is passed from outlet to outlet, feed to feed, like herpes; a disease no one wants and no one wants to admit they have, and no one will say where they picked it up from. Yet people do pick it up through the intercourse of Twitter, and they spread it across the media landscape as if controlled by zombie bacteria.“*

Zombie bacteria indeed!  A GREAT way of explaining politics and Twitter.  LOL


Tweeting (and I suspect all social media) gives one the false sense of doing something about something that is upsetting. But in reality, tweet storms and twitching (bitching on Twitter) accomplish little more than a dopamine hit.“*

True that, too.  You temporarily think you are ‘doing something’, but you really aren’t doing anything but typing to complete strangers.  With blogging, there at least is usually some positive feedback.  Not so with tweeting.  Unless you count the clicked little heart buttons that indicate that someone likes what you tweeted, but really, who cares?  Just a momentary dopamine hit, as this person mentioned.

*Source:  https://www.alternet.org/local-peace-economy/i-gave-twitter-lent-you-wont-believe-what-happened-next

So, I’m done with Twitter.  Done with Facebook.  I do check Instagram a couple of times a day, but its 95% photos.  (and a lot of hashtags, but those are easy enough to ignore.)  I like travel, museums, baby photos, dog breeds I like, and my two daughters.  With a few favorite actors/actresses thrown in.  Harmless stuff.  🙂

But mostly, I just wanted to focus more time on blogging.  Because you people are so darned nice, and like-minded (for the most part), and interesting…even just living normal, ordinary lives.  Because it turns out, I really like ordinary.  Especially if it’s ordinary yet different from me.  I live in suburbia.  West Coast/Southern California suburbia.  It’s so interesting reading the normal lives of normal people but who live somewhere else, sometimes 180 degrees different, than myself.  It puts a smile on my face to connect with each of you.  Even if we never meet in real life….I’m still getting to know you, and you enrich my day.

Twitter never did that.

54 thoughts on “2 social media habits; done

  1. Sally

    I'm here from Karen – this old house too. Twitter isn't my cup of tea; I do FB so I can see photo's of my great grands, but it has become so depressing! I did sign on for Instagram but can't remember how I did it. LOLI really enjoyed reading this post!xoxo


  2. Silver Willow

    thanks, and welcome, Sally! You should check with whomever is doing the photos of your great grands on FB, and ask them if they could start texting the photos to you, or if they could post them to Instagram instead. Then, get yourself back on Instagram if necessary. I should do a post recommending Instagram accounts some day. 🙂


  3. Jeanie

    I'm with you on blogging. As for Twitter, I recently cut a whole bunch of the political ones I follow. Still have a few favorites but I don't always read them. I consider them my emergency news! Now I have lots of royals and artists and such and they give me joy!


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