a walk down TV memory lane

I saw something yesterday about VHS tapes, and after I stopped chuckling to myself, it got me walking down memory lane about TV’s.  And how much television has changed since I was a child.

My first recollections of television in our house, was my sister and I bounding around through the house on our stick horses, as the theme from Bonanza played on the TV.  LOL  I remember the song to Disney’s Wonderful World of Color (Color!  Color!)

My first crush was on Zorro.  I mean, COME ON.  How could a young girl NOT be attracted him?!

I watched Captain Kangaroo religiously.  (Sheriff John, too.)
I remember Mighty Mouse….my favorite cartoon.
I remember little box TV’s…I remember having to adjust the antennas, then foil on the antennas.  I remember the drudgery of having to get up and change the channels before remote controls were invented.  Later, fighting over which show to watch.
I remember later, when married, when ON TV came; it was the first (pay) subscription TV.  I remember getting sports games of local teams, even hockey, which was very rare in Los Angeles back then.
Of course I remember using VHS tapes to tape programs.  Later DVR’s.  And now, hubby and I are pretty avant-garde; we have ditched DirecTV and are using a Roku device to get PS Vue.  It’s a cloud-based system.  We also stream Netflix and have subscriptions to Acorn TV (British series for $4.99/mo), and temporarily CBS All Access.  (for me, for The Good Fight and right now during the summer I’m binge-re-watching The Good Wife.  I’ll drop All Access by the end of July, until The Good Fight comes back next March.  It’s $9.99/mo to be ad-free.)  PS Vue only costs us $39.99/mo for the package we chose; MUCH cheaper than DirecTV!
So yup, much has changed in television in my lifetime.  I’ll save typewriters to smart phones, Prodigy $3.99/minute computer time to wifi, mimeo machines to laser printers and beyond…for another day and another post or three.  🙂

Some lasting cheer from Sheriff John:

41 thoughts on “a walk down TV memory lane

  1. Elaine

    What a lovely post. Good old Bonanza, though I enjoyed Rawhide, too. Ah, but Dr Kildare made my little eight/nine year old heart skip a beat or two – but then I also loved Mr Ed, the talking horse..! They don't make them like they used to. I look forward to your future posts.


  2. Jean R.

    Way too much change to keep up in my life time. Yet I much prefer watching the up-to-date movies and TV shows than those from my younger days.


  3. Pam

    I did not watch much TV,it was rationed and all the chores had to be done first. We grew all our veg and fruit and raised most of the meat that we ate. Fish was brown trout that had to be caught. I do remember MR Ed and tales of the Riverbank, there was twizzle and Torchy the Battery Boy. I watch more now, but it is really in the background while I knit or crochet.


  4. Silver Willow

    Wow, having not lived on a farm, but having (distant) family who did, I can appreciate your rationale. Been a burbs girl/gal my entire life. Entirely different lifestyles indeed!


  5. ellen abbott

    my first memory of TV is a small B&W screen with rounded corners. I was about 5 or 6 (I think, it was before we moved). Don't remember what I was watching but my father told me to go outside and play. when I protested because of what I was watching he told me the TV would always be there and so out I went. I was very upset when I came back in to finish what I was watching only to discover it was over. I guess I thought the show would pick up where it left off.


  6. Silver Willow

    Yes, we had much to learn. 🙂 Very cute story! I remember in the summer, we kids would play outside until it was dark. Never thought to watch TV when we could be playing together. I remember a neighbor across the street had the coolest, shady cascading waterfall in his backyard. We would set up a game of Monopoly on a card table, and four of us would play that game for days, trusting the money to stay right where it was for whenever we came back to it. Good memories.


  7. Ann

    I'm thinking of ditching my cable tv and going with sling tv. my daughter has that and really likes it. Plus it's way cheaper although who knows what the cable company will charge me for just internet alone


  8. Silver Willow

    We dropped our land phone lines at least 5 years ago. We pay ATT $60/mo for internet connection. We love Roku and PS Vue, though! Certainly a deal at about $100 less per month than DirecTV was!


  9. Grace

    We had a tv back around 1949 – I was 3 (I'm old!). My father used to talk about watching tv back in the 1930's (and that is true tho probably tho I'm betting there was not a lot to watch). I'm from NYC so we probably had more stations than other places and way back when – so many shows were live and local! Once I can convince my husband to let go of the landline, I will be dropping Comcast for everything except internet. We already have Hulu, Netflix, Acorn, BritBox and Amazon. I'll switch to Hulu Live – we use a Roku box, have for so many years now and love it. We watch practically nothing on 'live' tv.


  10. mxtodis123

    The shows on television nowadays cannot compare with what we had back then. I loved Bonanza and had the worst crush on Little Joe. Each night when I went to bed I'd fantasize an entire story about he and I…and not as Michael Landon, but as Little Joe.


  11. Olga Hebert

    So much has changed. Growing up we had two channels only. Now I have a hundred times that and it seems as though there is nothing to watch much of the time.


  12. Lynda

    We didn't get TV in New Zealand until 1961 and only had one channel until the 70s. It's ridiculous how much has changed in our time! I hardly watch mainstream television now – it's all cloud based which means we now get everything up to date and not months behind everyone else.


  13. Silver Willow

    We can get Roku, but it's no longer free. For some reason PBS expects one to pay a $4.99/mo 'friends of' fee or something. We get most of the shows we want from PBS on Acorn, but will probably prescribe a few months a year for specific shows we love.


  14. Silver Willow

    you were clearly a better student than I. LOL No, I've always been mostly just an 'after dinner' TV viewer, except NFL Sundays and the occasional golf tournament on weekends.


  15. tammy j

    what a fun post reading all the memories!like you… we played outside til dark. then we had to go in. kids were in better shape!but then we didn't have to worry about being snatched up by any bad guys lurking!do you remember Sky King? I'm older though. so you might not. and I loved Hop Along Cassidy. Howdy Doody. Father Knows Best was a favorite. the Donna Reed Show and then Ricky Nelson. OMG. swoon city! LOL.


  16. Silver Willow

    I vaguely remember Sky King. Howdy Doody was slightly ahead of my time. I realized yesterday I should've mentioned Father Knows Best and the Donna Reed Show, but people had already started commenting, so I think I just mentioned it in a reply. 🙂


  17. A Brit in Tennessee

    My childhood television programs were none of the above, other than a sparse few American programs all ours were English. I remember when Popeye was first shown on English TV it was an instant hit :)Television in England used to begin at 4:30pm and end at midnight, back many moons ago.Loved this post, thank you for sharing your memories.Hugs,~Jo


  18. Anvilcloud

    I remember most of the same old programs.We have also gone off cable/satellite for subscriptions such as Netflix, Britbox and Amazon. We had Acorn and will probably go back to it someday when we've caught up with Britbox. The problem with Acorn became what we weren't allowed to see in Canada. We'd click on something only to discover that it wasn't permitted.


  19. Silver Willow

    Thanks! I went and checked out Britbox. It's got some great stuff. Didn't see Doc Martin or Murdoch Mysteries though….not sure if we want to keep both it and Acorn though. hmmmmm…..


  20. Jeanie

    I'm hooked on Perry Mason. What can I say? I adore him! Doc Martin is on ACORN.com. It's a cheaper subscription than Britbox (or at least was, haven't checked lately) and it's all Brit stuff. Murdoch might be there too or maybe netflix.


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