Koko is dead.  😦


Koko was the 46 year old gorilla that was taught sign language, and could communicate via sign language, with humans.  She could sign over 1000 words, and understood over 2000. 

She played an interesting role in my developing love of psychology, and as well as anthropology and sociology. 

Yes, one can argue that her captivity her entire life was wrong.  She belonged out in the wild.  I get that.  But she shared real love with her trainer.  That can’t be denied.  She loved her kittens.  I don’t think she lived a horrible life.

Koko’s passing makes me very sad.  She touched so many lives, so profoundly.

36 thoughts on “Koko

  1. Jean R.

    I'm there with you. She taught the world a lot about animals, that they have emotions and intelligence we we're giving them credit for.


  2. DJan

    I saw that article about her passing. I didn't have a personal connection, like you, but still it is very sad. She made a difference in the best way possible. 🙂


  3. Kay G.

    I was also sad to learn of this. I was surprised to hear the newscasters say they had never heard of her. Why don't they let ME read the news? ☺ thanks ever so much for becoming a new follower, I will follow you too when I can get on my computer, this tiny tablet, I can hardly see!


  4. Joared

    As with so many things, there are positives and negatives. We humans did learn from Koko that some abilities we thought were uniquely ours alone were shared with other creatures. Perhaps that has enabled some of us to have more compassion for all creatures on this earth — so much we don’t yet know.


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