Save the date!

Well, after MUCH thought on the subject, and after a thorough discussion with Mr. Silver, we have agreed that I shall make my last day working full time (i.e., retire) on Tuesday, October 30th.  NOT 12/12.

My reasons?  We want to put the house on the market right after the holidays the beginning of January.  (I know that’s a traditionally poor time to sell a home, but not as much here in mild winter southern California.)  (the housing market here is very robust right now.  I think the average sell time, even for a townhome like ours, is less than a few weeks.)  ANYHOW, I want some time after I retire, before we start the fishbowl existence of selling a home and then packing up and moving elsewhere, to:

1.  RELAX.  Yes, I’d like a few weeks to a month of just enjoying the calm of being newly retired.
2.  Do some deep cleaning, maybe even boxing up some of the minutea.

If I waited until 12/12 to retire as originally planned, that wouldn’t happen.  I’d be smack dab in the middle of holiday preparations and activity.  I want a month before that to just UNWIND (and build strength for the sell/move.)

Now our work week runs from Thursdays to Wednesdays.  So generally they like to start new employees on a Thursday and have people quit (or terminated) on a Wednesday.  But that would mean retiring on Halloween.  I don’t want that!  I want to go out to dinner the night I retire to celebrate.  I wouldn’t want to do that Halloween night.  So I’ll retire the day before instead.  My work can just ‘deal’ with me quitting a day before their ‘precious Wednesday.’  What are they going to do, fire me?  LOL

Yep, so it’s set.  I have only 89 more days of working full time left before me.  I’m over the moon about that!

I will tell them at work about the change of date (I had already informed my boss about 12/12 a couple of months ago)…the end of August.  That will still give them a 60 day notice.  Plenty of time.  My boss even said a few weeks ago, in relation to someone else leaving (actually, a previous co-worker of ours had gone to another company several years ago, announced his retirement this April, and they had him replaced in less than 30 days…and my boss was agreeing how rotten that was, and/but that 30 days notice was plenty of time to give any company; no need to announce much sooner than that.)  (so he’ll be okay with my still giving him 60 days.)

Anyhoo, enough of the details that probably only matter to me and my hubby.  I’m so jazzed!  woot woot!!!!

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  1. Sally

    Time will fly – it always does! Excited to hear you're going to retire. I've been retired so long now, I can't even remember. That happens I guess when you're up in age. LOLBest wishes.xoxo


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