Okay, yes, it’s pretty amusing that a couple of days ago I wrote a post called ‘Koko’, and now I’m writing one called ‘Coco.’  (no Cocoa post coming later this week.) (I crack myself up sometimes. LOL)

And yes, I’m a little bit slow on getting on the Coco (the Pixar movie) train.  I have literally no excuse.  I LOVE Halloween.  I LOVE Day of the Dead stuff.  LOVE IT, I tell you.  Why didn’t I see this movie (in all its glory) in a theater last year?  I have absolutely no excuse, except I don’t tend to like to share my movie experience with a bunch of noisy kids.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But I have to tell you, this is now I think my most favorite animated film of all time, and there have been some GREAT ones.

But the story is amazing; sweet, tender, humorous; it has it all.

The visual graphics/effects, especially of animated skeletons, is AMAZING.

The topic…well, like I said, Halloween is very dear to my heart, and the whole history and tradition of Mexico especially Dia de los Muertos…..I adore.  To see it so well played out, so adoringly and faithfully, warmed the cockles of my heart.

Now I have to find some ‘Pops’ characters from the movie to own.  I have my eyes on your Hector and Imelda!

17 thoughts on “Coco

  1. Mary

    Sorry, my movie choices don't include this type of show. I guess I'm more of a classic, serious type movie lover – I don't even like comedies.That said, I love what they do these days with special effects – having worked in graphics design/commercial art I appreciate all the hard work those artists do and the amazing things they come up with now with computer-assisted projects. Quite amazing!!!!


  2. Donna OShaughnessy

    My ten yr old grandson spends the night about once I week. I pop the popcorn and he picks the movie. We did Coco last week and I was sniffling like an idiot during the end grandmother scene. It was grand alltogether


  3. DJan

    I recently watched it again on Netflix and loved it even more than the first viewing in the theater. Yes, it's wonderful! I think Toy Story 3 will always be my favorite, though. 🙂


  4. Catalyst

    Since SWMBO and I lived in Mexico for over 4 years awhile back, I am a fan of Dia de los Muertes the way it is marked down there. But animation movies aren't my thing so I guess I'll miss Coco. I also will miss Koko.


  5. Olga Hebert

    I could hardly get past the beginning of this post because I often say I crack myself up. Always good to have one person that gets your sense of humor, right?


  6. Lolly

    My grandkids and I loved this movie too. We watched it every single day for a week straight! (Thank you Netflix) I loved the idea of making our own Dia de los Muertos ofrenda.


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