Salads are back!

I’m very excited!  7 weeks post gall bladder (emergency) removal surgery, I can finally have salads/fresh produce again!  So pretty much I’m back to a full diet now.  YAY!  That means I can start trying to lose some excess weight again.  I’m very happy!  I can’t do the super low carb I have used in the past, due to my UC, but I can at least go more low calorie now.  I can’t do higher fat like a keto diet would be…without a gall bladder that would be too much work for my liver/rest of my body.  So yea, this is going to take longer than it has in the past.  But I’m hopeful I can shed at least some of this extra weight.  Plus, being able to eat fresh produce is so, so much healthier for me than what I’ve been relegated to these past 7 weeks!

Yesterday we went out for brunch, and met with my husband’s best friend from college, who he hasn’t seen in 16 years.  (he lives in Boston, and is here visiting his wife’s best friend, after visiting their daughter in Northern California.)  We had a really lovely visit for several hours.  I’m so glad the two guys were able to get together.  I really liked him, too, so the time flew by.

After that, since Bubba Watson was ‘in the hunt’ for the week’s PGA tournament, and I needed a pc break, I just laid low the rest of the afternoon and watched some TV.  I couldn’t enjoy the patio because hubby was putzing trying to fix the Malibu lights and there was dirt everywhere.  We had lovely steaks and a summer salad for dinner.  Lovely end to the weekend.  🙂

Now, time to catch up at your blogs!  I hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

    Good morning Silver Willow! I too had my gall bladder removed a year ago this month with another surgery the month before. I know how you feel about the diet thing. The gall bladder has certainly made a difference in what one can and cannot eat. Thank you for your visit this morning. I have tried following your blog but I'm not seeing the button to click for following. Have a lovely day.


  2. Linda deV

    PROGRESS! Good news for sure. I love my veggies and prefer them over meat except when I’ve been excersising a lot. Glad you are still on the mend and doing better all the time. Imagine how good you are going to feel come late October 😁


  3. Silver Willow

    Sandi, sorry about the follow button. It's right there to the right, but I was updating myself here, so maybe it became momentarily invisible? I hope you give it another try. :)Have a great day!


  4. Silver Willow

    ha! Can't wait! 🙂 It's odd, my hubby's friend yesterday said his wife was having many of the same symptoms I had before the gall bladder was out, so he's going to mention it to her.


  5. Mary

    That's great news! We're doing a lot of main meal salads now the veggies are so fresh and tasty – sometimes with a bowl of homemade soup and fresh croutons. That's really all one needs these hot/humid days here in the south. I've not eaten any meat/poultry in 40 years!Good luck with the weight adjustment! I've just come off 13 months on Prednisone (for Polymyalgia Rheumatica) and have gained 12 lbs! Working hard now to drop that – we women have to contend with so many issues don't we?Take care – and stay well.Mary –


  6. Silver Willow

    Ah Mary, weight has been a lifelong struggle with me. I was very successful with very low carb dieting, but chronic UC – caused food intolerances make that less doable for me now, so I'm learning to adjust. I just need to be more sensible, and fight off tendencies to eat (less than ideally) during stress or boredom. Sorry you were on 13 months of Prednisone; from what I understand, you were 'lucky' to only have gained 12 lbs! Good luck taking it off. :)Thanks!


  7. Sally

    I'm glad you're doing better now! When you say UC, are you meaning ulcerative colitis? My daughter had her colon removed several years ago, or perhaps I'm mistaken about UC. I get confused a lot here in my olden years. 🙂


  8. Silver Willow

    yes, ulcerative colitis. Just got diagnosed a year ago. “Mild proctitis' to be exact. Very rare to get it for the first time at my age, obviously. And thanks!


  9. Pam

    Enjoy your new diet, I had my gall bladder removed in 1974 and I am still careful how much fat I eat. Low carb works for some but not for me. Good luck with your quest to lose the extra weight.


  10. Arkansas Patti

    So happy your food choices are expanding. In no time, you should be able to eat just about anything. I no longer have my gall bladder and I can eat anything I want. You will get there.


  11. ~Lavender Dreamer~

    Oh, I'm so sorry you had to have that surgery but sounds like you are healing and figuring out what you can eat now. I do a 'lower carb' diet and stay active. It's hard to maintain your weight when you get older…like me! lol LOVE your profile pic and banner! I'm enjoying your blog. I'll put it on my sidebar in favs! Hugs, Diane


  12. Silver Willow

    I'm pretty much there. I can't eat eggs three days in a row, but two is no problem. I have to trim the fat off beef, but that's not a biggie (except that the fat is so tasty LOL.) I'm doing much better than I would've guessed I would be, several weeks ago. :)Thanks, Patti!


  13. Silver Willow

    Hi Diane, and welcome! 🙂 Yes, I'm healing, and figuring out how to adjust my UC-related diet, and it's going well since I hit the one month mark on the surgery. I lost over 40 lbs. just a few years ago, going very low carb and close to grain and sugar free, but since my UC diagnosis, I have to maintain more carbs/grains in my diet, so I'm adjusting to that. But I'll get there.And thank you! I got the profile pic from a phone app…it basically takes your pic and you makes a cartoon character out of it, you getting to chose hair, eyes, skin color. Then you can pick all kinds of outfits, backgrounds, etc. Pretty cool. So it's basically a caricature of the real me. 🙂 And thanks re the banner. The photo isn't mine, but it's my ideal location and certainly reminds of of the gentle breeze (demeanor) I strive for, here and everywhere. 🙂 I've put you on my sidebar too, now that you found your way to me. I can't wait to get to know you better! 🙂


  14. mxtodis123

    That's really great news. I practically live on salads. I told hubby I would rather have a nice salad than a full meal….not counting anything Italian.


  15. Margaret-whiteangel

    Good to read you are doing well post op.Such fun to catch up with old friends you haven't seen for a long time – it's pleasing your husband and you enjoyed your husbands friend..


  16. tammy j

    all systems GO! LOL! yes. did you ever think at one point of feeling like you do now? I'm just so happy for you. for everything! for the health improvement and your retirement and just life itself! YAY!! 🙂


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