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Koko is dead.  😦

Koko was the 46 year old gorilla that was taught sign language, and could communicate via sign language, with humans.  She could sign over 1000 words, and understood over 2000. 

She played an interesting role in my developing love of psychology, and as well as anthropology and sociology. 

Yes, one can argue that her captivity her entire life was wrong.  She belonged out in the wild.  I get that.  But she shared real love with her trainer.  That can’t be denied.  She loved her kittens.  I don’t think she lived a horrible life.

Koko’s passing makes me very sad.  She touched so many lives, so profoundly.

a walk down TV memory lane

I saw something yesterday about VHS tapes, and after I stopped chuckling to myself, it got me walking down memory lane about TV’s.  And how much television has changed since I was a child.

My first recollections of television in our house, was my sister and I bounding around through the house on our stick horses, as the theme from Bonanza played on the TV.  LOL  I remember the song to Disney’s Wonderful World of Color (Color!  Color!)

My first crush was on Zorro.  I mean, COME ON.  How could a young girl NOT be attracted him?!

I watched Captain Kangaroo religiously.  (Sheriff John, too.)
I remember Mighty Mouse….my favorite cartoon.
I remember little box TV’s…I remember having to adjust the antennas, then foil on the antennas.  I remember the drudgery of having to get up and change the channels before remote controls were invented.  Later, fighting over which show to watch.
I remember later, when married, when ON TV came; it was the first (pay) subscription TV.  I remember getting sports games of local teams, even hockey, which was very rare in Los Angeles back then.
Of course I remember using VHS tapes to tape programs.  Later DVR’s.  And now, hubby and I are pretty avant-garde; we have ditched DirecTV and are using a Roku device to get PS Vue.  It’s a cloud-based system.  We also stream Netflix and have subscriptions to Acorn TV (British series for $4.99/mo), and temporarily CBS All Access.  (for me, for The Good Fight and right now during the summer I’m binge-re-watching The Good Wife.  I’ll drop All Access by the end of July, until The Good Fight comes back next March.  It’s $9.99/mo to be ad-free.)  PS Vue only costs us $39.99/mo for the package we chose; MUCH cheaper than DirecTV!
So yup, much has changed in television in my lifetime.  I’ll save typewriters to smart phones, Prodigy $3.99/minute computer time to wifi, mimeo machines to laser printers and beyond…for another day and another post or three.  🙂

Some lasting cheer from Sheriff John:

2 social media habits; done

I gave up Twitter today.  Cut the cord.  Deactivated my account, then deleted the link on computers, my phone.

I gave up Facebook a few months ago.  I checked back to see when, and was surprised to find out it was exactly 4 months ago, to the day!  February 19th!  How funny!

I really haven’t missed Facebook at all.  Fortunately, both my daughters became more active on Instagram, so I don’t think I’m missing any grandkid photos.  Ultimately, that was both the first and last draw for me to Facebook.  When all the devious crap started to come up about Facebook, after already being burned out with the political stuff, I just deactivated.  End.  Fini.

With Twitter, it started differently.  I was big into fantasy football at the time, and it was an excellent way to get the most immediate news on players, so I could react quick.  I stopped playing in fantasy pools, but then started using Twitter with the election coming up.  Since then, it’s been nothing but a political-based time suck.  Every time I started to get burned out on politics, and tried just following photographers or something innocuous, I’d see something ‘trending’, and hop to see more, and boom…sucked in again.  I used an app to block the ‘trending’, but then, what was the point of using Twitter at all if you didn’t keep up with what was trending?

I decided today I just didn’t need the political aggravation, or especially the time suck.  I mean, one CAN only follow like-minded (politically) people on Twitter, but then you are just feeding each other’s anger, frustration, etc.  It was just not only killing valuable time, but with literally NO positive feedback, and I realized enough was enough.  If I was going to be on a computer for a time suck hobby, it needed to be a positive time suck, like blogging.  LOL

I did read something interesting when I was researching this a bit today:

Trump and other celebrity news is passed from outlet to outlet, feed to feed, like herpes; a disease no one wants and no one wants to admit they have, and no one will say where they picked it up from. Yet people do pick it up through the intercourse of Twitter, and they spread it across the media landscape as if controlled by zombie bacteria.“*

Zombie bacteria indeed!  A GREAT way of explaining politics and Twitter.  LOL


Tweeting (and I suspect all social media) gives one the false sense of doing something about something that is upsetting. But in reality, tweet storms and twitching (bitching on Twitter) accomplish little more than a dopamine hit.“*

True that, too.  You temporarily think you are ‘doing something’, but you really aren’t doing anything but typing to complete strangers.  With blogging, there at least is usually some positive feedback.  Not so with tweeting.  Unless you count the clicked little heart buttons that indicate that someone likes what you tweeted, but really, who cares?  Just a momentary dopamine hit, as this person mentioned.


So, I’m done with Twitter.  Done with Facebook.  I do check Instagram a couple of times a day, but its 95% photos.  (and a lot of hashtags, but those are easy enough to ignore.)  I like travel, museums, baby photos, dog breeds I like, and my two daughters.  With a few favorite actors/actresses thrown in.  Harmless stuff.  🙂

But mostly, I just wanted to focus more time on blogging.  Because you people are so darned nice, and like-minded (for the most part), and interesting…even just living normal, ordinary lives.  Because it turns out, I really like ordinary.  Especially if it’s ordinary yet different from me.  I live in suburbia.  West Coast/Southern California suburbia.  It’s so interesting reading the normal lives of normal people but who live somewhere else, sometimes 180 degrees different, than myself.  It puts a smile on my face to connect with each of you.  Even if we never meet in real life….I’m still getting to know you, and you enrich my day.

Twitter never did that.

Not getting into specifics, but…

…it seems like our collective moral compass is completely haywire.  Our humanity is hiding.  Our empathy is nonexistent.  It all is going to hell in a hand basket.  It’s becoming harder and harder to tolerate the intolerance.

Not going into naming names.  Specifics.  Politics.  I’m just saying that this world pretty much sucks right now at caring for one another.

I am trying very hard to keep that all separate from here.  But sometimes, it just spills over.

But actually, blogging is a wonderful respite, because I’ve found some pretty amazing people here in the blogging world corner that I inhabit, and  it/you helps renew my hope that hope in mankind isn’t lost.  Because I have found you.

Slug City

No, not the yard.  Me.  This weekend.  I really was a slug.

In the meantime, the roses are all now gone.  I was more than a tad ticked off that the hibiscus I bought ended up being a CUTTING, not rooted.  Means I’ll have to tread a little more carefully with it for the next 4-6 weeks.  Hopefully it will survive.  It’s in the ground now.  Kudos to my amazing hubby for all his work for me this weekend.

I was thrilled that Brooks Koepke won the US Open…back to back.  An amazing accomplishment.  Only 6 other men have ever done that!

Other than that, I got nothing.  Father’s Day is not great for me.  For issues re my dad I’d rather not go into.  Though I thought fondly of my maternal grandfather; that man was a true gem in my life.  Hubby loved the Father’s Day gifts I bought him.  He’s a stepdad to my two daughters that he’s only a handful of years older than.  (that’s what happens when one robs the cradle.  LOL  He’s 16 years younger than me.)

The older dog threw up 4 times yesterday; she turns 15 the end of July.  Hubby changed the dog’s food, and apparently didn’t slowly work the new food in, and it was too much of a change for the older dog.  Poor thing.

That’s all I got, because I really was a slug this weekend.  🙂

holy crap!

I checked the TV Guide on the TV before we went to bed, the U.S. Open TV coverage starts at 8:00 am Saturday morning and 7:00 am Sunday morning!  Over 8 hours of coverage both days!  Holy crap indeed!

No, I’m not setting my alarm for this (particularly Sunday.)  I get up when the dogs won’t let us sleep any longer (generally around 7:30), and I’ll turn on the TV when I am ready to.  I don’t need to see every nano-second! 

I’m thrilled that 3 golfers I really like are at/near the top of the Leader board:  Dustin Johnson starts Day 3 in the lead, and Brooks Koepka (T4) and Ricky Fowler (T9) are up there too!

Can’t wait.  I’m definitely gonna be a coach potato all weekend!


I visited mom after work yesterday.  She was back to her cheerful self, thankfully.  Oh, she still moans and groans about her aches and pains, but dang, she’s 91.  Of course!  But she was upbeat and laughed frequently, and all was back the way it should be.

She still hates Tiger Woods.  LOL

I’m looking forward to watching golf’s US Open this weekend, although mom warns me that it’s an ugly golf course devoid of trees/beauty.  Oh well.  It’s still a major, so I’m all in.

Two roses down, 3 to go.  I’ve found a wonderful vivid pink hibicus, and the prettiest, littlest blooming plumeria ‘tree’ I’ve ever seen.  Sure, they could get the spider mites too, but if my current 2 hibiscus are any indication, both living right next to infected roses, they don’t get overwhelmed by them like the roses.  The plumeria will get planted tomorrow.  The hibiscus has to wait for at least 2 of the remaining 3 roses to be removed, so it might not get put in the ground until next weekend.  No worries.  Neither of these plants…well, I won’t be living here long enough to enjoy either in their maturity, but I’ll take good care of them for whomever will ultimately buy our place next spring.  🙂

Have a great Friday!