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catching up with an old friend

Went to dinner last night with an old co-worker/friend, who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. After she retired, she and her husband moved clear across the country to North Carolina. (along with their one adult child, a daughter, and her family. They moved a few miles from each other.) We both thought at the time, we’d never see each other again. Well, her husband died suddenly late last year, and a few weeks ago she decided she needed something to look forward to, so she booked a trip out here to visit her old California friends. We had a lovely 2.5 hours together. It was hard to say goodbye, but either she faked me out good, or she promised to come visit us in AZ. It’s a tiny bit closer. I so miss her. I wish North Carolina was a little easier/cheaper to fly in/out of. Oh well, we got a bonus visit last night.

Where the turf meets the surf

We had a wonderful day at the Del Mar racetrack.  I am sorry I deleted the only photo I took.  But enjoy Bing singing the song that they play every day when the horses first step on the race track for the first race…

I didn’t do the best, gambling wise (but only ‘down’ $6 bucks), but the weather was great, the racing was exciting, and well…just enjoying the penultimate trip to Del Mar for us.  Life is good.

All official and stuff

Well, I’ve notified my boss that my last day will be October 30th.

I’ve told my closest co-workers, but let them know it’s not a secret, so I’m hearing from more and more office co-workers.  Word’s out.  I’m retiring.

I just got tired of the secrets, etc.  I just want to live my life genuinely and out in the open.

So, the official countdown begins.  I have 65.5 more work days left (not counting if I take any time off before then.) (which I don’t plan on.  I want the biggest final check possible.  LOL)

It’s hard to contain the excitement, but I don’t have to anymore!   I smile more broadly, and I laugh deeper, and little things just don’t get to me at work anymore.

I’m an official short-timer.  It feels AWESOME.

Back from a funeral

Well, we attended my oldest daughter’s…one of her sister in law’s funeral today.  She was only 52.   She was one of the very sweetest, kindness people I have ever known.   Such a tragedy.

The funeral was well attended, but it was heart-breaking to see the pain and suffering of her husband, two college-aged children, her mother, and my own daughter and son in law.  A very sad day.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’m ready for some joy to return to my life.

To paint or not to paint old wooden furniture?

How do you feel about repainted furniture?

Some examples:

I think all of these are really well done!

I personally don’t have the inclination (or patience, or guts) to do so, but I think if you end up with a really well done job like these, AND you choose colors that you can live with for a long time…kudos to you!

That said, it would have to be pretty muted colors for me to feel like I could live with it for a long time.  But I feel that way about backsplash tiles, floor tiling, even paint.  (for the most part, re paint.)  Sofa colors.  If the colors are too bold, or the pattern too ‘busy’, I know I’d tire of them quickly.

Of course, I love beautiful, well-maintained or restored mid century furniture.  So I can also understand the ‘don’t mess with the beauty of what it was’….(if it was still beautiful.)

Where do you stand?

it’s Jack Day!

Yeah, not Jack-in-the-Box day.

My middle grandson JACK day!

His birthday was 2 weeks ago, (as you can tell above), but today we pick him up, take him to Dave n Buster’s for lunch, to play in their video arcade for a bit, then to go see Ant-man and The Wasp.

It’s going to be so much fun! 

He’s 10.  This is the first time we’ve taken him out alone like this (he has a 5 year old brother, our youngest grandson.)

Jack is the life of any party…definitely a larger-than-life character.  I can’t wait!