Half Day

Just a half day of work at home today, and then  I’m off for the holiday.  It kind of sucks being on a Wednesday, but it ‘is what it is.’

Frankly, I’m just going to say this, but I’m not in the mood to really ‘celebrate’ the country.  It’s a mess, frankly.

I haven’t even mentioned that aspect to my sweet hubby.  He’s got a master’s in US History, and he’s a male; he tends to be very pragmatic about all of this (and didn’t follow it the first 20 months like I have on Twitter)…he’s confident that it’s not as bad as I feel it is, and that even if it is, there are enough safeguards in place that the country will survive.  I just pray every night that he is right.

NOT turning this into a political post.  not. not. not. 

Instead, we are going to just quietly go to a nice BBQ restaurant (a nod to the typical way to celebrate the holiday), and then to see the new Jurassic Park movie.  Doing something, but no red, white and blue, no fireworks.  Nope.  (I’m sure he’ll wear his typical navy blue shirt that has a tiny USA flag on it.  That’s fine.  I’ll probably wear blue.  But not red.)  (I have a little red, white and blue enameled ‘peace sign’ necklace.  I might demurely wear that.  LOL)

For my American friends here, what do you have planned for tomorrow?  (you don’t have to respond to the political aspects of this post at all, if you don’t feel comfortable.  Just share your holiday plans, regardless.  No judgments if you are doing a normal type of 4th of July celebration!  To each our own!   🙂   )

46 thoughts on “Half Day

  1. Silver Willow

    I love fireworks, actually. It's just when they aren't being done by the Anaheim Angels MLB team/stadium, it's a pain in the butt to see them without having to mingle with thousands of people. Fire safety laws and all. Enjoy your fireworks!


  2. Peace Thyme

    I wrote it down. When Donald was elected, I wrote down that he was in it to make his growing family the richest in the world. Now, I wish it was only that. My son is coming to help us pack and disconnect all the electronic stuff. We will have fun and laugh a lot, as usual when my son is around.


  3. Betsy Adams

    Hi, Happy 4th… I have about 8-10 family members coming here for dinner and fun!!!! We'll have the 'traditional' food including watermelon and apple pie!!!!!! Love it!!!! I agree with your hubby –but then again, I see the glass half full instead of half empty most of the time… I do know that if you want to read negative stuff and get upset, just go to Twitter and other social media places… I stay away –and just head outside and take a walk in nature.Hugs,Betsy


  4. Silver Willow

    Have fun, Peace! :)I do still think it's all about the money. Bottom line for him. And he just doesn't care what it takes to achieve that. But I digress…


  5. Jean R.

    I am not doing anything tomorrow but experiment with recipes for a party next week. I do not feel like celebrating a country right now that gave us Mr. Trump.Something weird is happening in your comments that closes the box when ever a certain punctuation mark is typed. The kind that goes in between you and re or don and t. It it to me six times before I figured it out.


  6. Sandi

    I'm hopeful about the future, Silver. I wonder what we would see if we could flash forward and see our country a hundred years from now. Imagine someone from 1918 doing that. They would probably not look at the day to day, but maybe more like, “What's a cellphone?” We are cooking out, eating too much, and setting off hillbilly fireworks in the yard. Sometimes our fancier neighbirs get the real kind and put on a show. I hope they do that this year. Our town has a big celebration, but the traffic…oy vey, the traffic. So we are staying home!


  7. Sally

    Sandi mentioned l9l8 – that was the year our mom was born, and if she were still here she'd be constantly watching, reading all the news. And, assuredly be disappointed in how our world is changing. Personally, I try to avoid it as much as possible. It's sad, however I believe it's not actually as bad as some think it is. After all, in the 'olden day's with no internet, twitter, fb, etc, we did not know every single thing the politicians including potus were thinking let alone saying on a minute by minute basis. This is actually the most I've said about politics. LOLEnjoy your holiday!xoxo


  8. happyone

    America may not be perfect but I'd rather live here than anywhere else! : ) There is always hope for the future and we must remember that God knows the outcome and is in control. Our little town has quite a nice parade and it ends right out our house, so we sit on the porch and watch.Late afternoon we are invited to a picnic and will be going there.


  9. Arkansas Patti

    I am hopeful about the future, even more so since that 28 year old woman killed in the primaries. The youth will save us. No plans and kind of like it that way.


  10. Grace

    And this is a holiday – why? I'm a cynic, I categorize all quote/unquote holidays under Consumer Fraud. A way to get people to spend money they don't have on things they don't need, participating in activities they quite possibly don't even enjoy. So – tomorrow is Wednesday? Ah, clean the bathrooms day.


  11. Silver Willow

    HI Sally! Thanks for being comfortable enough here to share your thoughts. :)You are right about Twitter, internet, etc. I wish we didn't know what 'he' was thinking on a moment by moment basis. LOLHave a wonderful holiday!


  12. ellen abbott

    the dog will spend the night with my sister as she lives in the city limits and no fireworks allowed. in my neighborhood in the county people can and do shoot off fireworks. a neighbor one street over always puts on a fabulous display which I will enjoy from inside my house as the mosquitos are so fierce right now. but we won't put out our flag. what this country is right now is nothing to celebrate.


  13. Plain Jane

    We'll have our traditional picnic in the yard, my daughter will spend the day in the pool and then when it gets dark we'll sit in the yard and watch all the fireworks our neighbors shoots off.Happy 4th of July


  14. Silver Willow

    yes, the occasional (illegal here) firecracker always freaks our poor dogs out. We leave the TV on pretty loud to help mask the noise, but they still here it and are an emotional mess for sometimes an hour later. :(Enjoy your day!


  15. tammy j

    the heat here is in the triple digits. just like every year. and every year I simply hibernate til it's over. the Afib flares up if I get too hot. I will watch Jimmy Buffet's broadway music on PBS the Capitol 4th. so sad. it's a fabulous show. but was booked in a huge theatre. the backers just wanted more money. everybody who saw it loved it and gave standing ovations.I follow the lady whose husband is JD in it. can't wait to see him! he wears an eye patch in it! don't know if he'll have it on for the 4th show or not. it's just selected songs. I might eat some ice cream too! 🙂 xo


  16. DJan

    I'm going on a 6-mile walk with my women friends early in the morning. In the evening at home, I might celebrate by taking a nice glass of red wine and enjoy it on the porch. In between, it's up for grabs. 🙂


  17. Betsy

    I will attend a parade in town with the children and eat a burger and icee. Listen to a band play patriotic music. My husband retired Army, my son in law retired Army, my Dad and deceased brother all Army. We have always celebrated July 4th and love the festivities. I don't do twitter. Found too many angry people. I think things are better and hope they continue to be. You have a wonderful 4th and celebrate how you are comfortable.


  18. Blondie's Journal

    We are at the lake being joined by family members from all over, every day, non-stop. I'm okay with it, sometimes I escape for a nap! I am beyond words about the way things are right now for all of us. I have to turn away when I see this person on TV. As far as our country, there are very strong, good people out there, joining together to support causes that must not be brushed aside. People marching and protesting. For that I'm proud. And I'm proud to be an American. At the end of the day, this person will not define us.I hope you have a good 4th, and as always, thank you for your candidness.Jane


  19. Margaret-whiteangel

    Congratulations to your husband on his achievement.Hope you have a nice day today as it's Wednesday mid afternoon as I type.Youngest son who lives here at home had day off work yesterday and decided to go to see that same movie – he wasn't really impressed, he did proceed to sit down with me and told me all about it 🙂


  20. Silver Willow

    Ice cream sounds yummy! So sorry about the oppressive heat and how it affects you. :(We each bought a bundlette from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I got a lemon; just a bit or two a day, and it should last me 4-5 days, but be so tasty!


  21. Silver Willow

    Thanks, Margaret! I am very proud of my husband. And it serves him well on Jeopardy almost nightly, too. LOLI hope the movie is better for me than sadly it was not for your son. Oh well, at least Chris Pratt is easy on my eyes. LOL


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