poor doggies

We are, by law, a fireworks-free city.

Every year, tons of neighbors ignore that fact.

Every year, someone calls the cops, but because this is a townhome community, with many streets, and lots of greenbelt space between buildings, we’ve never seen anyone actually caught and arrested.

The booms and cracks started as soon as it got dark last night, around 8:15 pm.  It was still going on when I went to bed at 10:30.

Our poor dogs.  For the first hour, the TV was loud enough that they weren’t shaking.  Although the chihuahua Cali had gone into the powder room and was obsessively trying to dig her way through the bathroom rugs to China.  I heard some digging noise on, asked hubby to briefly mute the TV, to discover where Cali was, because the other 2 were on the sofa with us.

Well, he knocked over his soda glass, it spilled over the coffee table, and the ‘mute’ was on long enough for the dogs to HEAR the cracking, booming, popping.  They all started shaking.  No amount of love could stop that, even after the TV sound was turned back on, after the mess was cleaned up.

Poor babies.  At least they had us at home this time, not like usual when we are out at some legal fireworks show in another city.

Oh well.  They will have to suffer through Halloween night (door bell ringing) here, and then some more fireworks likely on New Years eve at midnight, but after that, we’ll be in AZ for 4th of July next year….hopefully the laws are followed better there, and we won’t be in a townhome complex, so hope springs eternal.

Hope you had a lovely holiday or Wednesday, depending upon where you live.  🙂

40 thoughts on “poor doggies

  1. Sharon Anck

    I hate to tell you this but, they don't follow the laws any better here. There is always some accident or another caused by fireworks. I do feel bad for all the animals. They really don't know what is going on.


  2. Jean R.

    Where I live they allow fireworks on the day before, on and the day after all holidays. I've even seen them on Christmas in the snow. I'm on a bit of a hill and see them coming in about seven different places—huge and booming. Levi was okay with them until last year and now he barks.


  3. Sally

    There were very few fireworks here, and Hopper Henry is going a little deaf. He didn't seem fazed at all, thank goodness. It's sad that your doggies suffered through that. Yes, next year maybe it will be better for y'all.xoxo


  4. Pam

    We get them for 2 weeks or so around Guy Fawkes night. Then again at Christmas and New Year and for the odd birthday. Ben ignores them and Herbie has yet to experience it all. Personally I think that sale to the public should be banned and only organised events should have them. So many people are injured every year, never mind the effect on pets and wildlife.


  5. Grace

    Most folks these days don't think of Washington DC as civilized but the only fireworks last night were the ones on the National Mall – with the windows closed we hardly heard them at all. Just a very distant muted booming. And I have to say noise bothers me far more than it does the cats!


  6. Linda deV

    My dogs did not seem to even notice. I am not sure why it is so upsetting for some and not for others. My oldest boy was and is a very sensitive soul. He hated fireworks until he was about 5. Some of us, including dogs, are just wired different.


  7. Silver Willow

    Yes, our oldest, who will be 15 the end of the month, is also a little deaf and she didn't shake much. As compared to previous years for her. I think she was mostly feeding off the (scared) energy of the other two… Thanks, Sally!


  8. Silver Willow

    Most definitely! I suppose being little dogs, they do tend to run a bit more sensi than larger dogs seem to be (except for perhaps 'watch dog' breeds.)


  9. Janie Junebug

    We're supposed to be fireworks free but nothing is ever done about the plethora of fireworks that started last weekend and will probably continue into the first part of next week. Don't even get me started on the people who fire their guns . . . . Love,Janie


  10. Jeanie

    Poor kitties, too. Lizzie was terrified. I hate fireworks — not so much the big city kind that have a start and end to them but the kind every neighbor feels like they should have.


  11. Silver Willow

    thankfully, I didn't notice any guns shot off. sorry about that, Janie. yes, we were hearing 1-2 fireworks cracks starting almost a week ago. Last night though…over 2 hours worth. yeesh!


  12. Martha

    It is really hard on animals and very sad to witness. If only there was a way to help them understand that it's temporary, and that they are safe.


  13. laurie

    awww, poor dogs,,, our dog was terrified of them as well, he was 17 years old when we moved to the city,, spent his whole life in the country,, never heard fireworks until we moved to town,, July 4th fireworks are much louder here than our own Canada Day fireworks,, the American fireworks are amazing and go on for at least 30 minutes, our city doesn't put off nearly as many and we are much bigger than our American sister city ( we live on the border ) our little dog crawled up and around my neck the first year we lived in town lol,, he lived to be 20 years old and slipped away in his sleep.


  14. Betsy Adams

    The 4th of July is hard on doggies…. We had a houseful of family here yesterday and one of my sons and DILs brought their little doggie… Then ended up leaving a little early so they could get back home (GA) before dark and before their crazy neighbors starting shooting off their fireworks…. They also have two big outside dogs —so they wanted to get them all taken care of before the noise….I'm sure your dogs are GLAD that it is now QUIET….Hugs,Betsy


  15. Anvilcloud

    My in-laws would take their dog away to the country every fireworks night, but they were incapacitated this year. I have yet to hear how their dog fared.


  16. Ann Thompson

    I've never had a do who was afraid of fireworks so I don't have that problem. Poor babies though and you can't tell them there's nothing to be afraid of


  17. Silver Willow

    I love fireworks, period. We like to park at the empty Honda Center parking lot, across the freeway from where the MLB Angels play, when the Angels are home for 4th of July. No crowds, no cost, easy exit. Unfortunately, the Angels were on the road this week, and the stadium did nothing in their absence. 😦


  18. Silver Willow

    You are lucky! And yes, we tell the, cooing and pampering them and cuddling them that it will be over soon and they are safe, but it's like Charlie Brown listening to adults. 😉


  19. tammy j

    fireworks are not allowed in our city limits here either. but that doesn't stop people.every year fires are started from them because we are always too dry.I have heard really good things about the 'thunder shirt.' I know Pet Smart carries them.one lady said you have to put it on them before they start. if they're already so afraid that they're shaking… it won't work. interesting. but much like swaddling a crying baby. they apparently feel safer with the thunder shirt on. and yes. it's so sad.


  20. Olga Hebert

    One of my friends gave her dog tranquilizers to help it deal with thunderstorms. Poor dog has been gone for a while now, but my friend still has a drawer full of tranquilizers and I suspect she nibbles one herself during really bad storms.


  21. ellen abbott

    we're out in the county where fireworks are permitted. but the rain and being in the middle of the week it was fairly low key. nevertheless I sent my dog to stay with my sister in town. and you're right, there is no consoling them.


  22. Silver Willow

    I think my dogs would be more freaked out with putting on a thunder shirt, then the ease they might provide. Living here, they don't have to wear dog sweaters much, so they hate it when they do. LOL


  23. Silver Willow

    yes, I can imagine. We don't have more than 3-4 thunder bolts (not storms!) a year here, so they don't have much experience with that. They are certainly lucky in that regard!


  24. Silver Willow

    Olga, that's actually a pretty good idea. We don't have dog tranquilizers, but we do keep 'baby Allerest' on hand. (one of our dogs is allergic to a required immunization.) Maybe a tiny dose on Halloween and New Years night would be a good idea! LOL re friends nibbling on them during bad storms. 😉


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