Yeah, it happened.

Obviously, it was even higher earlier in the day, but I captured this on the way home.  I have no idea what those little dots are…the car LOOKS clean.  😉

Anyhow, it was a scorcher yesterday.  When I stepped outside to drive home, right before this, it felt like I was already living in Arizona.  Fortunately, today will ‘only’ be 99.  Tomorrow, 94.  Then back down to normal.  Arizona will stay this hot for months now…

oh well.  Sadly, I’m sure it contributed to a fire in SE San Diego that destroyed a couple dozen gorgeous homes.  Lucky that they stopped the growth of the fire at that point.  In Northern Ca., they are not being that lucky.  Wildfires are so awful.

Have a good day!  We are going flooring shopping today; one step along the path to moving!  Then I think we are going to see the Jurassic movie we never got to on the 4th.  Hope you have a great Saturday!

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  1. Betsy

    Wow, it was a hot one! My daughter used to live in Arizona in Sierra Vista and on Fort Huachuca. It was hot but not like it was in some other parts of Arizona. Love the movie Jurassic Park. Have a fun Saturday, Betsy


  2. Grace

    Our heat wave finally broke during the night – woke up to cool temps and cool breezes, we even walked to the the store this morning and stopped at the farmer's market. This will last until Monday and then it's back to hot and humid and ugly…but ya know, 2 days of beautiful weather, I'll take it!


  3. Jean R.

    It's got to be very scary living where forest fires are common. My heart goes out to those people. Stay in the shade, Silver and stay hydrated.


  4. laurie

    how did people survive before air conditioning where you live? I'm in northern Canada and when it hits 80 we think its stifling,, I cant imagine what it must be like, we don't need a/c here but all the newer condos have it in them, we haven't even turned it on yet! Floor shopping sounds ver exciting, I loved choosing stuff for our house!


  5. ~Lavender Dreamer~

    That is incredible! We are in Florida and most people think it gets WAY hotter here than anywhere else but we rarely see any temp above 92…which is HOT enough! Take care and drink lots of water! Enjoy your movie, too!


  6. Silver Willow

    I imagine! We don't have forest fires, they are (usually) wild fires, in open brush areas. Yesterday's bordered that area, but was actually right off a freeway, so likely human started. 😦 Yes, it was hot out shopping at a few stores. In A/C now for a while. And staying hydrated. Thanks, Jean!


  7. Silver Willow

    How did we survive? I remember first small oscillating fans, then room-based a/c small units. and we sweat a lot, and didn't have as many hot days then. It's funny, when we were looking at flooring, it was 'this would look good for upstairs' vs. 'if we needed it in AZ, this would look good in our new place.' Two different colors. Darker for here, but I want lighter in AZ, if I get to choose.


  8. Silver Willow

    Yes, but we don't have the humidity here. Our humidity is only 30% or lower. It's more like a blast from an open, heated oven. But yes, staying hydrated. Thanks!


  9. Lisa

    Its been hot here in North Carolina. Our temps reached near 100. Today we get a break. Its cloudy with a cool breeze. The temps right now are 78 degrees. Tomorrow its back up in the 90s.Stay cool out there!Lisa


  10. The Happy Whisk

    With it being so hot where you live, are you able to have a longer growing season ?Do you garden? Very sorry to read about homes in the fire. I have a friend who lives on the coast. Terrible fires.Happy Movie going. We saw that one. Did you see The Incredibles?


  11. tammy j

    it's going to be interesting. usually I have to wait until late November before any kind of autumn temps. now with it so radical all over the country I imagine we will just start skipping fall like we did last year! we had two seasons. Warm winter and Hot summer! and you're right. it's the humidity. 76% and higher. I hope you won't miss your ocean!


  12. Catalyst

    It's not that bad up here in the (semi-) high country. After the cloudy weather and raindrops moved through this afternoon I've had the house wide open.


  13. Silver Willow

    Our growing season is 12 months of the year (i.e., nonstop) except for the most tropical of plants, who we have to be careful that 1-2 nights of frost per year. We have to force roses to go dormant with a hard prune in Dec. or Jan. They are still blooming when we cut them back.We haven't seen the Incredibles. We almost never see animation in the theater.


  14. Silver Willow

    Actually, I've been feeling guilty, knowing my time with oceans is dwindling, and yet I NEVER go. My bad. So no, I don't think I'll miss them. I do a beach decor, and I have many beach photos I've blown up to poster size and framed, so I'll always have that.


  15. Silver Willow

    That's great! We turned off the air tonight around 9 pm. Hopefully we'll only need to run it a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon. I think we are 'only' supposed to hit 90-92 tomorrow/Sunday…


  16. Olga Hebert

    It seemed as though most of the country was experiencing crushing heat last week. In fact, I saw a heat map that showed much of the world in red. I have vacationed in Arizona desert in the summer temps over 100. It seemed forbidding at first but I ended up really enjoying the tour we took. I have been nostalgic for the trips out west that I took with my husband. I need to dig out some old photo albums and wallow in some memories.


  17. LL Cool Joe

    As you probably know we have a house in AZ as well as in the UK and even we avoid being there during July! But saying that I love it, but only because they are so geared up for the heat that every where has a/c. Now here in the UK we are having hot weather and no where has it, so it gets very tiring in the end!


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