take your pick!

When it comes to ice cream….do you like (as a topping) hot fudge?  Caramel?  Strawberry sauce?

No sauce?


anything else?

How about the marachino cherry/cherries on top?

Whipped cream?

I’m a simple girl.  In fact, I don’t even need the ice cream.  On more than one occasion in the past year, when hubby had the urge for going out for ice cream, I just asked for a brownie instead, with hot fudge sauce on top.

I do love cherries though.  All types of cherries.  (even dried.)

So, what’s your pick(s)?  I mean it’s hot out; might as well talk ice cream (or today, toppings for ice cream.)

54 thoughts on “take your pick!

  1. Silver Willow

    Gosh, homemade ice cream is so good! (I agree, give me an old machine; these new electrical just don't produce the same flavor.) I remember my dad used to make peach ice cream. From our own peach trees. MY GOSH it was amazing!


  2. tammy j

    OMG. ice cream. in any way shape or form with or without! it's the best.I love it all. actually I could do without the brownie. but everything else? yes.I also love Dairy Queen's (do you have those?) they make a tropical blizzard.vanilla ice cream mixed with pineapple and coconut and pecans and bananas. no syrup. just those ingredients and it's so wonderful! YES!not THAT is a treat. darn. now I want ice cream and I don't have any. and it's too hot to go get some.will just sip this “delicious” ice cold water instead and feel very smug. LOLOL!


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