Party shower?

No, I’m not talking bridal or baby showers.

I’m talking about a shower like this:

Now, when hubby and I were first married (first few years, actually), we DID like to shower together.  I mean, actually shower for the normal purpose of showering.  (with of course some kissing and caressing thrown in.  Don’t worry, not going into any more detail.  LOL)  Then, we just decided, mutually, not so much anymore.  We had a ‘normal sized’ shower.  I think it just began to feel a little stifling.
ANYHOW, I can understand and appreciate the splurge of having a shower big enough for two.  But we all chuckle at a shower big enough to throw a party in it.  Don’t we and everyone on HGTV that comes across one?
Do people with showers that big actually DO indulge in multi-people orgies in them?  (although frankly, the one above is big enough, but it would be a tight squeeze to get more than 2 people under those shower-heads at one time. Well, except for that GIANT one in the center of it all…)
Anyhow, do you think there are that many people throwing shower orgies, or is it just an “I can afford it, it looks luxurious, so I’m going to splurge on my shower” thing?
Just a stream of consciousness post.  I came across this shower in my Pinterest feed, and it piqued the thought.  (I don’t follow orgie shower people on Pinterest, I follow home improvement and dream rooms.  LOL)

38 thoughts on “Party shower?

  1. Sharon Anck

    Years ago on a trip to Toronto and friend and I stayed at a B & B that had a huge shower room similar to this. Although I showered in it alone, I did love the expanse of it with all it's different shower heads at different levels. It was quite a luxury.


  2. tammy j

    most people think that bigger is always better! why is that? more to clean! LOLI have always wanted a shower that didn't require a shower curtain or door.I saw one in Greece (in a photo once) and I fell in love with it. that's what I would want!


  3. laurie

    well well,, party shower lol,, I remember when our daughter and her husband moved into their new home, a huge roll in shower in the master bath, my soninlaw is in a wheelchair, I said to my grandson who was 12 at the time,, oh look room for family showering, he nearly fainted poor boy lol,, I will never forget that lol,,


  4. Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland

    It does look very luxurious, especially as our whole bathroom would fit in there. I just don’t think I’d want anything else that encourages our teenage daughter to spend any more time in the bathroom than she already does, lol xx


  5. Linda deV

    The ever practical me thinks how much more water those things must use. Perhaps if I lived in Ireland or Portland. Showering together sounds real nice….never tried it…..oh wait…..there was that one time when………..( ~ sigh~ I'll keep it to myself )


  6. Martha

    I've always wondered why people would need a shower this big! Seems a little extravagant. I personally prefer a nice sized bathtub…for two 😉


  7. ellen abbott

    my husband and I showered together for many years until one day I was ready and he was not and I showered anyway. been taking separate showers since. that is gorgeous to look at but really? I gave an estimate for some work to a woman once whose bathroom was bigger than the master bedroom. 'that was the dream' she told me. uh, okaaaay.


  8. Jean R.

    I wouldn't really like a shower that big. Too much too clean and too much wasted water and marble floors are really slippery. But with a little tweaking on the one above it would be good for a person in a wheelchair.


  9. DJan

    Hubby and I used to shower together when we first got together. It grew tiresome, though, since he likes long showers and I don't. And who knows about shower orgies? I've never been to one and don't think I will in this lifetime. 🙂


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