Fair time!

We are taking off early, later this afternoon, and headed to the Orange County Fair.  We have tickets to see Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons at 8.

We saw Frankie, alone, about 4-5 years ago; it was a fantastic show.  I think the Four Seasons was definitely one of my favorite groups of all time.  The concert area is, of course, outdoors.  I can’t wait!

I will NOT be having typical fair food though.  I am eating about 85% of normal for me, but all that deep fried crap?  Yeah, no way.  LOL  MAYBE a hamburger.  At most.  But it will be fun to snoop around the fair beforehand.  🙂

Anyhow, should be fun tonight.

And I wanted to say an extra thanks to everyone for your heartfelt comments yesterday regarding Zoe.  I’ll keep you up to date, in the future.  Your support means the world to me.  🙂

20 thoughts on “Fair time!

  1. laurie

    have a wonderful time at the fair,, and I think its wonderful the way blog friends are there for each other,, truly a wonderful thing, take care,,


  2. tammy j

    “We have tickets to see Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons at 8.”somehow makes the world a better place again just knowing they're still at it! xo


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