Frankie Valli concert

For starters, was SO fun!  We had amazing seats!  Probably only about 50 ft. from the stage!
However, we blew it on the fair.  All concert tickets always include admission to the fair.  We didn’t realize that the fair doesn’t start until TODAY.  So we got there two and a half hours before the concert….with nothing to do because the gates didn’t open for about 45 minutes.  LOL  Fortunately, we found some bench seating, the weather was gorgeous, and we sat and talked.  Laughed about our screw up, grateful we hadn’t come even earlier, and plotted about coming back some other work night in the next 3 weeks to do just the fair.  doh.  LOL
Anyhow, Frankie was GREAT!  The guy is in his mid 80’s, but his voice is almost exactly the same!  The Four Seasons were young guys though, but that was okay.  Here are a few song snippets.  He’s had SO many hits, that there wasn’t a moment of the hour and a half concert where he wasn’t singing a hit song that the entire audience was singing along with him (except the slow songs; we mostly let him sing those alone.  🙂  )
The weather remained perfect; we didn’t need the light jackets we brought, and it was close enough to the beach to feel a light, cool breeze.  Just a perfect summer night!  Well, at least I didn’t have to say no to a bunch of fair food!  I was able to get the hamburger I wanted, and it was darned good, topped off with a small glass of white wine and some bottled water.  We’ll save the kettle corn for another day.  🙂
Love you, Frankie!!

38 thoughts on “Frankie Valli concert

  1. Lynda

    We saw Jersey Boys when it was here (Frankie Valli's story). Great songs but my favourite is “Can't take my eyes off of you”… fantastic!! I would have enjoyed that concert you went to 🙂


  2. ellen abbott

    reminds me of the time a friend gave us rodeo tickets. we showed up early wandered the livestock show and the fair and then headed to the stadium for the rodeo and were met with waves of people exiting…the tickets were for the matinee and no evening show.


  3. Peace Thyme

    The one person that I will go to see over and over again even tho he is my age is Lionel Richie. Wow! His voice is still so magnificent! I heard him at Red Rocks last year and I was blown away!


  4. Martha

    Awesome! What a voice on this man. Now I have to go search YouTube for the full versions of some of his songs 🙂 Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.


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