Back from a funeral

Well, we attended my oldest daughter’s…one of her sister in law’s funeral today.  She was only 52.   She was one of the very sweetest, kindness people I have ever known.   Such a tragedy.

The funeral was well attended, but it was heart-breaking to see the pain and suffering of her husband, two college-aged children, her mother, and my own daughter and son in law.  A very sad day.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’m ready for some joy to return to my life.

35 thoughts on “Back from a funeral

  1. Kay G.

    My cousin died at the age of 50. She was two years older than me, so when I turned 50, I didn't let anyone bother me about that age. I said to myself that I would enjoy my 50's and think of Susan and try my best to live life to the fullest.Very sorry for your loss and for the family. x


  2. tammy j

    I also lost my beloved mother when she was 51. the loss runs deep. you still feel like you're five years old no matter your age. my prayers for her husband and family and friends. it's just so sad.


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