All official and stuff

Well, I’ve notified my boss that my last day will be October 30th.

I’ve told my closest co-workers, but let them know it’s not a secret, so I’m hearing from more and more office co-workers.  Word’s out.  I’m retiring.

I just got tired of the secrets, etc.  I just want to live my life genuinely and out in the open.

So, the official countdown begins.  I have 65.5 more work days left (not counting if I take any time off before then.) (which I don’t plan on.  I want the biggest final check possible.  LOL)

It’s hard to contain the excitement, but I don’t have to anymore!   I smile more broadly, and I laugh deeper, and little things just don’t get to me at work anymore.

I’m an official short-timer.  It feels AWESOME.

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