Where the turf meets the surf

We had a wonderful day at the Del Mar racetrack.  I am sorry I deleted the only photo I took.  But enjoy Bing singing the song that they play every day when the horses first step on the race track for the first race…

I didn’t do the best, gambling wise (but only ‘down’ $6 bucks), but the weather was great, the racing was exciting, and well…just enjoying the penultimate trip to Del Mar for us.  Life is good.

24 thoughts on “Where the turf meets the surf

  1. Silver Willow

    don't know dog racing until you've tried it! I gotta see if they still race greyhounds in AZ… (yeah, the only time I bet more than $2 on a race is Pacific Classic, but we don't go to that anymore because too crowded.)


  2. Jean R.

    I can't remember if I've ever been to a horse race, dog tracks, yes. I had a sister-in-law who would watch horse races on TV and have viewing parties.


  3. Joared

    Still remember my Grandmother taking me to harness races when I was young. We didn’t bet but I would pick winners based on their name. I was quite successful so developed an inflated view of my skill for picking winners. Good thing I didn’t get into betting when an adult with that mistaken idea — would probably have gone broke.


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