catching up with an old friend

Went to dinner last night with an old co-worker/friend, who I hadn’t seen in 5 years. After she retired, she and her husband moved clear across the country to North Carolina. (along with their one adult child, a daughter, and her family. They moved a few miles from each other.) We both thought at the time, we’d never see each other again. Well, her husband died suddenly late last year, and a few weeks ago she decided she needed something to look forward to, so she booked a trip out here to visit her old California friends. We had a lovely 2.5 hours together. It was hard to say goodbye, but either she faked me out good, or she promised to come visit us in AZ. It’s a tiny bit closer. I so miss her. I wish North Carolina was a little easier/cheaper to fly in/out of. Oh well, we got a bonus visit last night.

40 thoughts on “catching up with an old friend

  1. Marcia

    It is hard to maintain close friendships from a distance. Two of my close teacher friends retired to points south, FL & NC. One has sons and grandsons here, but her visits here are mostly to see them. Got to see the FL one recently for lunch. She was in town to see daughter who is unmarried.


  2. Jean R.

    I hate it when good friends live in other states. One of my best friends is in D.C. and another is in Georgia with me in MI. Glad you got a good visit.


  3. Sally

    It's always wonderful to see an old friend. So glad that happened for you two. :)I met with one of mine last year after 17 years; those years melted away in a hurry.xoxo


  4. donnajurene

    Hi Silver Willow! I just found your blog and glad of it! I want to thank you for visiting my blog too and commenting. I messed up and didn't realize I had comments waiting for approval before publishing, so I didn't see yours in a timely manner. They are all approved and published now and I hope you'll come back! Thanks again…great to meet a new blogging friend of like mind! πŸ™‚


  5. Nance

    Thankfully, there's so many ways to keep in touch now. But hopefully there won't be another five years between RL visits this time.


  6. Joared

    Wonderful! I recall stopping to see college friends a few years ago that I hadn’t seen for years. We sure enjoyed our visit. Hope you get together after you locate in AZ.


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