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Crazy Rich Asians

We went and saw this movie on Saturday night.


THE best movie I’ve seen in a long, LONG time!


It was super funny, super cute, romantic, had drama….the whole nine yards.

Of course, I LOVE Constance Wu….and she certainly did shine in this movie, and I can’t imagine anyone playing the lead character but her.  (Although I gotta admit Awkwafina (shown above with Constance) did steal just about every scene she was in.)

Anyhow, I HIGHLY recommend you see this movie.  There aren’t many movies I would pay a second time to see in the theater, but this movie is one of them!

I am positively giddy!!!

The tree that has been the bane of my patio existence was removed this morning!

I had been after them for over a month to once again (3rd or 4th time) come and trim the sections that were hanging over my patio.  Here’s a sample, doesn’t show how much it overhung, but trust me, it DID:

it’s the tree in the foreground.  A big old eucalyptus, more than 2 stories high.  That’s our patio fence to the left of it.  2-3 times a week I had to rake up community tree leaves off our patio, because that’s the direction the wind ALWAYS blows.  This has been a problem for over 6-7 years.

Adding to the problem is that I’m allergic to menthol. (i.e., eucalyptus.)  I didn’t notice the tree when we moved in 15 years ago.  But every summer, on cooler nights when I try to open the windows instead of run the a/c, I’d always wake up with a sore throat, congestion, etc.  It was the damned menthol from the tree.

So imagine my thrill when about 9 am, we are hearing a LOT of noise outside.  I look out my home office window, and see a big tree cutting truck right in front of our garage!  I go look out my bedroom window, and my gosh, the tree is already entirely gone, and it looks like this:

I mean, I only asked for another trim of the branches overhanging our patio.  Again.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I could get them to remove the entire tree!  I became absolutely ecstatic!  Fist pumping, giddy / evile laughing, overjoyed!  Wish they’d done it a few years ago, but I’ll take it!
There have been signs up that they are doing a landscaping upgrade.  I had no idea any tree removals would be included.  Most people lament when trees are torn down, but this complex is over 35 years old, they planted too much, too close together or too close to the buildings, and now that everything is beyond fully grown, they are apparently having to cull back.  I can see and hear now that they are cutting back and/or removing other trees.  They planted that palm about 5 years ago; I had no idea it was the replacement tree, but it’s gorgeous, in a perfect location right outside our dining room window, and I couldn’t be happier with that!!
So here is how it looks now:
Gorgeous!  Despite the menthol smell, I was so excited I went out and raked those damned leaves FOR THE LAST TIME.
Nice to get a win!

I don’t get it

Molly Tibbett’s is killed.  It ends up that the man accused appears to be an illegal immigrant.  Fox News becomes outraged.  President Trump becomes outraged.  The ‘right’ becomes outraged.  The case becomes the new prop for the war on immigration.  For the damnable Wall.

Earlier in the week, Chris Watts is accused of murdering his pregnant wife, and his two young daughters.  But Chris Watts is white.  Fox News does not become outraged.  President Trump does not become outraged.  The ‘right’ says not a damned thing.

But no, this isn’t another example of blatant racism.  oh no…..

Bull crap.  It flat out is.

When people of color murder 14 innocent victims in San Bernardino, it’s terrorism.  When a white man shoots up  and kills far more people (58) in Las Vegas, we never hear terrorism.  Because he was white.

It’s all such bullshit.

Melania Trump’s parents use the same ‘chain migration’ that Donald Trump and Fox News HATE and are trying to abolish.  But you know, WHITE relatives.  So it’s okay.

I call bullshit on that, too.

I’m tired of the bigotry being masked as something other than exactly what it is.  Full out racism.  I always say, ‘own your evil.’  This is a big evil that needs to be owned.  If it wasn’t for immigration, any American that isn’t full-blooded Native American would not be here.  That’s a fact.  Period.

I just hate racism and bigotry and hypocrisy.  I really, really do.  And if anyone ever starts a sentence with ‘I’m not racist, but’….you can bet damned well that they ARE racist.  And don’t even get me started on all the hatred shown towards Barack Obama.  And why.

Yeah, don’t take me down THAT path.  It would not be pretty.

Until America owns up to this hypocrisy, it won’t ever really change.  We were all fooling ourselves if we thought we’d come very far in race relations from the 60’s.  We slapped a pretty face on it, but it (racism) never went away.  It just hid better.  Well, we are seeing it now, and it’s not pretty at all.  It gives the term ‘Ugly Americans’ a whole new disgusting take.  Really disgusting.

End of Summer?

I put a question mark at the end…because is it really the end of summer?

I mean, I guess traditionally, Labor Day weekend is the ‘official’ end of summer.  And that’s less than 2 weeks away.

But kids are back to school already; especially everywhere but California, but even here, they are going back earlier and earlier.

And/but, here in California, our two hottest months are August and September.  We have warm weather through to the week of Halloween.  We don’t need even a sweater before Halloween week.  Leaves don’t start to change colors (the few varieties that DO change colors-most don’t) here until November or even early December.

But Pumpkin Spice Latte (and my favorite, Salted Caramel Mocha) are returning to Starbucks within 10 days.  Football is back.  New ‘fall’ TV programming starts in less than a month. 

But the calendar tells us the official end of summer is September 22nd.

So, when does summer really end?  I bet we all have different opinions.  And I’d love to hear yours!!


We went to Pechanga casino yesterday.  Had a nice lunch, and fun gambling on penny slot machines for a few hours before we headed home.  I didn’t do well, but stayed within my allotted amount of gambling money and cut myself off when I still had $13 of it left.

Lots of fun.  Sure, could’ve been MORE fun had I left ‘ahead’. 

Then, we came home to the news that my hubby’s favorite aunt has duodenal cancer that has spread to her liver.  ugh.  😦

Hope you had a great weekend!


That’s how many working days I have left.

Things have started to heat up re that at work.  Job descriptions being updated.  Talk of a co-worker replacing me, but then who replaces her, etc.

I’m just eager to put this all behind me.  My boss, who only praises me once a year (at review time)…was forced into a situation yesterday to comment. (in a small group setting, someone asked him how HE was handling my impending departure.)   He was actually pretty nice, and admitted because I have been SO good/competent/knowledgeable, for so long, (11 years anniversary is in 10 days)…it’s been extremely easy for him to take me  and all that I do so extremely well…for granted. Ya think, buddy?  Geesh.

But, I’m staying above it all.  Just doing my job, not letting anything get to me, because I can handle anything for 50 working days.  🙂

Sorry I’ve been away.  A long time pet’s death, a long time friend’s completely unexpected/sudden death this week, all the political crap, issues with my poor mom (she turns 92 on Monday but literally wishes aloud now that she was dead already)…it’s been kind of a rough summer.  No excuse, but it’s all I’ve got.

I will start getting to your blogs more regularly.  I apologize more for my mea culpa on that, than my lack of posting here.

Hugs to you all!

Thank you

To those of you commented on my political post.  I didn’t see your comments waiting moderation until just now, and I had already deleted the post.

I appreciate the commiserations.

I expect to come back to blogging this Saturday.  I miss you guys.