I don’t get it

Molly Tibbett’s is killed.  It ends up that the man accused appears to be an illegal immigrant.  Fox News becomes outraged.  President Trump becomes outraged.  The ‘right’ becomes outraged.  The case becomes the new prop for the war on immigration.  For the damnable Wall.

Earlier in the week, Chris Watts is accused of murdering his pregnant wife, and his two young daughters.  But Chris Watts is white.  Fox News does not become outraged.  President Trump does not become outraged.  The ‘right’ says not a damned thing.

But no, this isn’t another example of blatant racism.  oh no…..

Bull crap.  It flat out is.

When people of color murder 14 innocent victims in San Bernardino, it’s terrorism.  When a white man shoots up  and kills far more people (58) in Las Vegas, we never hear terrorism.  Because he was white.

It’s all such bullshit.

Melania Trump’s parents use the same ‘chain migration’ that Donald Trump and Fox News HATE and are trying to abolish.  But you know, WHITE relatives.  So it’s okay.

I call bullshit on that, too.

I’m tired of the bigotry being masked as something other than exactly what it is.  Full out racism.  I always say, ‘own your evil.’  This is a big evil that needs to be owned.  If it wasn’t for immigration, any American that isn’t full-blooded Native American would not be here.  That’s a fact.  Period.

I just hate racism and bigotry and hypocrisy.  I really, really do.  And if anyone ever starts a sentence with ‘I’m not racist, but’….you can bet damned well that they ARE racist.  And don’t even get me started on all the hatred shown towards Barack Obama.  And why.

Yeah, don’t take me down THAT path.  It would not be pretty.

Until America owns up to this hypocrisy, it won’t ever really change.  We were all fooling ourselves if we thought we’d come very far in race relations from the 60’s.  We slapped a pretty face on it, but it (racism) never went away.  It just hid better.  Well, we are seeing it now, and it’s not pretty at all.  It gives the term ‘Ugly Americans’ a whole new disgusting take.  Really disgusting.

43 thoughts on “I don’t get it

  1. Linda deV

    My opinion of this is that we really should just outlaw men! Men commit most murders so, therefore, we should create a separate state that has big effing wall borders and keep ALL men there. We, of course, can use sperm donation to continue procreation. It would make a HUGE difference! And, as I am smarter than anyone else in the room, just ask anyone, they will tell you, it makes perfect sense.


  2. Jean R.

    I'm on my feet giving you a standing ovation! I'm outraged over the same thing you are regarding the way FOX and Trump are using Molly's murder.


  3. Marie Smith

    Canada is no better. There have been ugly incidents of racism recently. We have a shameful history with the Indigenous people which we have only begun to address. We must be vigilant and speak up for each other when we see and hear racism, bigotry and hate speech.


  4. DJan

    I know. We live in what used to be a country of laws and fairness. No more, and make no mistake, The Orange Cheato will skate away from this latest revelation, too. I am disgusted.


  5. Mary

    Agree 100%. I knew as soon as I heard he was an undocumented immigrant the trump rabid cult would be frothing at their mouths. But I do love what the family said about the crime had nothing to do with color or race, but just a terrible crime.


  6. Lynda

    Oh I love this post – I agree 100%. The only reason they singled out this murder was to deflect from the court cases. It really is total bullshit.


  7. Martha

    I hear you, dear friend! And totally agree. We've had a lot of racial problems lately up here in Canada, too. It's disturbing.And that statement “I'm not racist, but”… If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this…mostly from people I know…I'd be able to afford the trip around the world I crave.


  8. Cynthia

    So disgusted, so saddened by what is happening in this country. I want to be hopeful but it is harder and harder every day. It feels like the only thing that is valued , that gets anything done anymore, is money.


  9. Nance

    As the old saying goes, “The fish stinks from the head.” All the blatant racism is sanctioned now; they're coming out from under their rocks with impunity.


  10. ellen abbott

    preaching to the choir here. racism never went away but at least before Trump, the racists didn't spew it out in public, attacking verbally and physically total strangers.


  11. Sally

    I'm not happy with the President, either. Yet, racism; yes it seemed to lessen for a few years, but think about when it started up again.Ashamed to say, I had an uncle who was SO racist if a African American knocked on his door, he'd tell them to go to the back door. Well, having said that I remember when my oldest brother and I were really young, Mom had a said lady helping out. When lunch time came, Mom insisted that she ate at the table with us. So, in the case of my uncle, thank God it didn't rub off on her. I hope that made sense.xoxo


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