I am positively giddy!!!

The tree that has been the bane of my patio existence was removed this morning!

I had been after them for over a month to once again (3rd or 4th time) come and trim the sections that were hanging over my patio.  Here’s a sample, doesn’t show how much it overhung, but trust me, it DID:

it’s the tree in the foreground.  A big old eucalyptus, more than 2 stories high.  That’s our patio fence to the left of it.  2-3 times a week I had to rake up community tree leaves off our patio, because that’s the direction the wind ALWAYS blows.  This has been a problem for over 6-7 years.

Adding to the problem is that I’m allergic to menthol. (i.e., eucalyptus.)  I didn’t notice the tree when we moved in 15 years ago.  But every summer, on cooler nights when I try to open the windows instead of run the a/c, I’d always wake up with a sore throat, congestion, etc.  It was the damned menthol from the tree.

So imagine my thrill when about 9 am, we are hearing a LOT of noise outside.  I look out my home office window, and see a big tree cutting truck right in front of our garage!  I go look out my bedroom window, and my gosh, the tree is already entirely gone, and it looks like this:

I mean, I only asked for another trim of the branches overhanging our patio.  Again.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I could get them to remove the entire tree!  I became absolutely ecstatic!  Fist pumping, giddy / evile laughing, overjoyed!  Wish they’d done it a few years ago, but I’ll take it!
There have been signs up that they are doing a landscaping upgrade.  I had no idea any tree removals would be included.  Most people lament when trees are torn down, but this complex is over 35 years old, they planted too much, too close together or too close to the buildings, and now that everything is beyond fully grown, they are apparently having to cull back.  I can see and hear now that they are cutting back and/or removing other trees.  They planted that palm about 5 years ago; I had no idea it was the replacement tree, but it’s gorgeous, in a perfect location right outside our dining room window, and I couldn’t be happier with that!!
So here is how it looks now:
Gorgeous!  Despite the menthol smell, I was so excited I went out and raked those damned leaves FOR THE LAST TIME.
Nice to get a win!

44 thoughts on “I am positively giddy!!!

  1. Jean R.

    Eucalyptus has a strong smell. I can't imagine being allergic to it when it was planted so close to the house. Too bad you're moving and can't enjoy its absence for long.


  2. Olga Hebert

    It looks much neater. The plantings around my condo are overgrown and were planted way to close to the buildings in the first place. There is a 40 foot arborvitae hanging over onto my deck. Had it been trimmed it might not have gotten so big but I am not going to try to trim it now. The HOA tries to tell me they are not responsible for plants in the back. I am quite sure they are wrong.


  3. Joared

    Glad your breathing is relieved with the tree removal. Maybe they determined the tree was also a safety risk. Our city has a lot of eucalyptus they've been removing since we had instances of older trees branches breaking off — years ago one branch actually fell on to some college students car stopped at an intersection, killing them.


  4. The Happy Whisk

    we had a small tree outside once that smelled terrible to me. Some kind of flower, I don't recall what. Anyway, I sawed it down & gone was the stink. I love trees, just not that one. So, I share your joy.


  5. Jeanie

    It's always good to have a big job like that done. As much as I hate to see trees come down, sometimes is is so necessary and you have to do i. Must be a huge relief to you! Three cheers!


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