Third Woman coming forward re SCOTUS nominee

Posted this morning by her attorney, Michael Avenatti (also Stormy Daniel’s attorney.)  (who has been rock solid in everything so far, as far as credibility in court.)
This woman’s credentials, as listed, are IMPECCABLE.

22 thoughts on “Third Woman coming forward re SCOTUS nominee

  1. BootsandBraids

    Wow! But not surprising. I had fully expected, after the first woman came forward that, if Kavanaugh did it once there were other victims. Mark Judge was described as a “recovering alcoholic”. If he's serious about recovery, he's going to have to follow the Steps, come forward, be truthful, get what he's ashamed of, trying to bury with alcohol, out.


  2. Jean R.

    And yet no matter how many skeletons come out of the closet, the Republicans are going to ram the nomination through without a proper investigation. It's not so much what he did as a teenager it's the lying about it NOW that is important to me. Teenagers can change and turn around their bad behavior but to claim that you were dedicated to your studies and service projects and never drank to access when there is plenty of evidence otherwise like he did on FOX goes to his (lack of)character now.


  3. Marie Smith

    For this nominee to be in the pocket of someone like Trump, he would have to be this type of man. Disgusting!What has this woman to gain by coming forward at this point? I believe her!


  4. Lynda

    Wow. I'm following this story and watched his innocent interview on Fox. This new case is certainly looking genuine – I hope an investigation will be carried out now.


  5. Silver Willow

    You are sadly, absolutely correct. They will ram the nomination through.Re teenagers, yes, they can turn around bad behavior. But gang-rape at any age, sorry. Nope. No 'get out of jail' card on that at any age, imho.


  6. DJan

    It's beyond horrible. I am obsessed with this, hoping against hope that he will not get out of the Judiciary Committee. Please somebody, stand up for what's right!!! 😦


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