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the crux of the issue

…re blogging…now…is that I can’t stand being in my office where my pc is.  I can’t stand being around a room filled with boxes and crap.  Not only because I’m OCD but because I suffer from moderate claustrophobia, too.  Yes, I could take this new laptop downstairs, but I HATE using the laptop thing that is instead of a mouse/keyboard, and I don’t want to take all the peripherals downstairs to make it more comfortable.  And posting from a phone sucks even more.

On the plus side, they are supposed to be done by Friday; so only one more week to go, then I can get back to normal.  (or as normal as December, one month before you put your house on the market…gets.  LOL)

Miss you guys!  Will catch up next week!


Once again, apologizing for being MIA lately.  The house is in a complete state of disarray due to the upstairs construction.  The noise pollution is 8 hours a day.  For someone OCD like me, it’s driving me absolutely nuts.  I thought I could go to my mom’s, but she’s having plumbing repairs and floor repairs herself, so there would be no respite there.  I’ve slept (we both have) four nights in a row now on sofas, because the blow up bed is too low to the ground for me (with my reoccurring equilibrium problems).  I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

Now, add Xmas decorating to the above.  Sure, I could wait another 10 days or so until they are done, but then I’d barely have 3 weeks of decorations up.  Not acceptable.  So later this afternoon I start.

I need a vacation from this so-called ‘retirement.’  No where to go, no where to hide.  😦

up and running!

Me, us, and my new pc!

Spent yesterday afternoon setting up my new laptop.  All went well, except I hate Microsoft One Drive.  When transferring my docs and photos from our external hard drive, One Drive decided I had run out of One Drive space, even though I hadn’t.  I finally was able to figure out that if I suspended One Drive, I was fine.  Not until I’d deleted the photos and docs off my new laptop though (but they were still on the hard drive.)  Ultimately, I decided I didn’t need all the photos on the new laptop.  I needed those for my screensaver, and I needed my football pool folder docs, my blog folder docs, and just a few other docs.  Everything else I can always pull from the hard drive if necessary.

But yeah, took a few hours.  Then, at bedtime, just in time so it made it hard to go to sleep, I remembered I hadn’t done iTunes yet.  So once hubby has my old pc up and running, I’ll still need to make that transfer, which iTunes never makes easy.  21st century problems.  🙂

In less than an hour, we are going out to buy our new bathroom vanities and vanity tops, although it will be our contractor picking them up on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then we come home and continue to remove everything from our master bedroom, bathroom, hall bathroom, and hallway walls/linen closet.  We are going to reward ourselves tonight with dinner at Cheesecake Factory, using some gift cards we have stored up, so it will be free.

So much going on this weekend.  I get exhausted thinking about it, but I’m having trouble sleeping because there is so much running through my mind of everything that is going on, we have to do, etc. before we move.  Ugh.  So much for relaxing and enjoying retirement!  Very little of that until we are unboxed in Arizona sometime next spring.

the latest from Cindy Hyde-Smith

Mississippi senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith remains in the news, since she made the public hangings comment at a campaign rally on November 2nd.

On November 11th, she put out this statement:

“I referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement,” Hyde-Smith said in a statement Sunday. “In referencing the one who invited me, I used an exaggerated expression of regard, and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous.”

Then, on November 12th, she was at a press conference, and questions were asked about her public hanging comment.  Starting at about the 1 minute mark on this video, is her response to REPEATED questions:

She just repeatedly refused to answer any questions, only repeatedly said “I put out a statement and we stand by it.”  Over and over and over again.

The next day, November 13th, Google donated to her campaign.  (see page 3 of the attached government FEC donation filing doc):

Then, yesterday, it was brought forth that on November 3rd, at another campaign rally, Ms. Hyde-Smith stated this:  ” “And then they remind me, that there’s a lot of liberal folks in those other schools who that maybe we don’t want to vote. Maybe we want to make it just a little more difficult. And I think that’s a great idea.”

As the video indicates, when questioned about THIS video’d comment, she stated it was obviously a joke and taken out of context.

Not sure WHEN suppressing votes is ever considered a joke, but then, I don’t hang with the GOP people.

Anyhow, just an update.

And in other news, a Trump-appointed judge ruled that the White House must return the media pass to CNN’s Jim Acosta.  And stated that Acosta’s ‘laying hands’ on the WH intern was ‘likely untrue.’  Wonder how Trump will react to one of his own appointed judges calling him a liar…?


Captcha and Google

or, ‘What I learned about Captcha and Google in my first 24 Hours Trying to Divest Myself of Google (for political reasons.’)

First though, THANK YOU to everyone here reading.  I appreciate you following me.  Change is never fun for any of us; we really are creatures of habit.  🙂

Okay, back to what I have learned.

First though, a little back story, in relation to what Nance mentioned about wordpress.  First, there are two wordpress’es., and is the easy one.  And the cheap one.  That also makes it the easier one to get up and running.  It also makes it the less-advanced as far as options are concerned   (compared to Blogger.) is the difficult one.  And usually more expensive one (it forces you to have your own domain and FULLY run it) (it isn’t the cost of the domain that is tough, for me in the past it was that I had to hire someone to at least get the site up and running, it was just too waist-high deep in html knowledge I didn’t possess to get it running.)

This time, I thought about it, and in retirement, didn’t want the hassle.  I’m just a little old lady in retirement, and blogging is simply a hobby for me.  Nothing more.  Simplicity rules in my world these days.

But I digress.  Re Captcha and Google from yesterday.  As, while on my political/moral high horse over Google, I was trying to completely divest myself of the monolith that is Google.  This is MUCH harder than ‘simply walking away’ from Facebook.  Google has tentacles everywhere in the media world.  I knew it and was willing to change emails, change browsers, change blogging platforms.  I didn’t realize how deviously hard Google was going to make my commenting at my friend’s Blogger blogs, though.

I had logged out of my Google account.  I started trying to comment at your blogs.  As about 98% of the blogs I follow are Google/Blogger blogs, I learned that there were two options to me, as a ‘signed out from Google’ human.  Some Blogger blogs allow anonymous and user/url commenters, some simply do not.  (in which case, you comment with a Google account or you don’t comment at all.)  But it goes further than that.  For the Blogger blogs that ARE set up to allow anonymous or user/url commenters, the Captcha was set up.  In every single case.  And the photos you had to check to pass the test were so bad, in every single case I had to go through 8-15 rounds of photos before I passed Captcha.  You can imagine, trying to comment at 15-30 or so blogs in one setting, how difficult and frustrating that became.  I had to walk away.  But when I came back later in the night, I thought to try a different approach.  I logged back into my Google account, and went back to reply at those blogs, STILL using the user/url option, and Captcha no longer appeared.  Great for commenting, but I was like ..?????

So I looked it up.  Google bought Captcha in 2009.  And they apparently have set it up on Blogger that if you are still at least signed into a Google account, you don’t have to go through the Captcha maze other than clicking the little box.  But sign out from Google and try the exact same thing and they put you through ‘pick the photos hell’ that requires MANY MANY rounds of it to pass.  In other words, they use Captcha difficulties to ‘force’ you to continue to stay logged into their Google Account of yours.  There is simply no other explanation!

It’s all really extremely intelligent, and devious.  Talk about cleverly wrapping their tentacles around us mere mortals!

Anyhow, so my options for commenting at Blogger blogs is limited to this:

  1.  don’t stay logged into Google, and try to put up with Captcha hell.  (at 8-15 tests per comment, sorry, not going to happen.)
  2. log into Google and either
    1. post with user/url at blogs that allow that option
    2. for Blogger blogs that do not allow the anonymous and user/url options, either
      1. post with my Google account or
      2. stop commenting at their blog

Those are my choices.  I would never ask anyone to accept anonymous comments, and therefore ‘force’ them to go to moderating comments… for me.  I just have to decide if I’m going to continue using my Google account to comment at those blogs, or not.  It’s the moral pickle I’m in, but it’s my gherkin, not yours.  I just wanted to let you know what I’m finding.

In the meantime, I have discovered that has a great ‘reader’ section like Blogger used to, that once I load the blog urls that I follow, keeps them together and lets me easily keep track of who’s recently posted to go read.  Unfortunately their blogroll option doesn’t have that ability, but I’ve bookmarked the Reader page personally.  Just an fyi for anyone considering the leap for whatever reasons.  It’s pretty cool.

Is Google still the easiest to set up and maneuver, with the best flexibility?  Yes, it is.  No denying it.  But for me, it’s just a no-go.  To each our own.  🙂

A ‘new’ home

Well, guess I’m not just moving actual homes in the next six months.  Here I am, with a ‘new’ blog home.  I use the ‘new’, because I actually set this blog up in January when I was having Blogger issues.  Glad I didn’t delete it.  It took little work to get it up and better running, with all blog posts and comments through this morning, imported here.  But here we are.  🙂

I know some of you might think this is a rash decision.  Well, I agree!  It IS rash.  But morally, after a good night’s sleep, and reviewing my principles this morning by the light of day, it’s just something I felt I needed to do for myself to feel right about myself.

I understand that companies might financially contribute to campaigns.  I have no idea what might be contributing to.  Although I’m an unabashedly liberal, I wouldn’t have made this move for a mere Republican contribution.  I DO make this move because of a contribution to a candidate that made an extremely offensive statement, then ‘double-downed’ on it, when confronted…and then, ONLY THEN, did Google actually contribute to her campaign.  THAT is what I take huge offense to.  I won’t squabble over the semantics of ‘public hangings’ vs. lynchings.  She lives in Mississippi.  In my opinion, the moment she was confronted by those outraged about her statement (and it was nationally reported on), she could’ve taken a high road and said she was misunderstood.  That she didn’t mean it the way it came out.  But she chose to not take that path.  So I really see no way to take it as anything other than an extremely racist statement.  Especially given that her political opponent is a black man.  And no way to see Google’s contribution AFTER this statement was widely made public…then their having no problem with her statement.  Yes, Google has created their own “PAC” to allow Google employees to contribute to political causes of their choice.   This is not what this was.  This was Google the company making the contribution.

ANYHOW, onward and upward.  I’m here.  It’s going to take some getting used to.  If you are kind enough to continue following me here, please set your bookmarks for me here, and I would be especially grateful if you could change your blogroll settings for me to point to this different url.  THANK YOU.

Meanwhile, my new laptop is quietly charging next to me.  But I’m not going to putz with it today.  I have to go out later and get paint, and frankly, this blog move is all the ‘change’ I can take for one day.

Thank you for your patience, for your support.  I really appreciate it.  I have also changed my email address, my web browser, but for any of you staying with Blogger, of course I will continue to support you by following you and commenting on your blogs.  Nothing about that will change.  🙂