There was a breakfast party for the entire office (I worked in the corporate office) last Friday….and my boss gave a very lovely 10-15 minute speech about me.  Here are some photos…

Here’s my boss, in the blue shirt, giving his spiel to/about me.  🙂

They had a lovely autumn bouquet of flowers, and tucked in it were 7 gift cards of $100 each for various stores, restaurants, and Amazon.  I was FLOORED.  The entire office chipped in, and the card has all of their names.  Again, FLOORED.
Then on Tuesday, my last official (half) day, my department brought in donuts, and then took me to Lucille’s (my favorite BBQ restaurant)…and there was another gift basket there with more gift cards, about $200 worth, including my favorite steak restaurant, Fleming’s.  
THEN, I come home, and hubby has a dozen ‘congratulations’ and ‘officially retired’ balloons, a bottle of champagne, and gifts waiting for me!  I WAS FLOORED EVEN MORE.
A shirt he gave me.  In purple, no less.  Oh, does this man know me.  🙂

A wine glass he gave me.  If only my left kidney would cooperate for me ever having this big of a glass of wine.  (this is a HUGE glass.)  But still a fun gift.  LOL

I purposely didn’t eat a big lunch (but brought home 2 leftover big, beefy ribs)…because we had planned to go out to dinner, and we did, to Outback.  I have enough leftovers from those meals, and our anniversary dinner last Saturday…to last me the rest of the week.  LOL
So, I am officially done.  It was SO SURREAL.  I still don’t know if it’s completely sunk in, that this is it for life, now.
But I’m loving it! 
And now, time to get back into blogging!  I can’t wait to see what you guys are up to!
Love you, and thank you for waiting for my return!  🙂

72 thoughts on “IT IS DONE

  1. Arkansas Patti

    Congrats for not only finally retiring but for having your co-workers making it so special. Wow. As others have said, it will take a while to realize you are not just on vacation with an ending date but “this is how it will be from now on.” Enjoy.


  2. Jeanie

    Three cheers! You're going to love your new life and I'm so happy for you! And what a fabulous send-off too. All terrific. Feeling good?! I'll bet!


  3. Granny Annie

    Wow, what a lovely retirement party. Now you will need to adjust and if you need help, let me know. I've got lots of good advice for adjusting to retirement. ENJOY!!!


  4. Marcia

    Welcome to the club of retirees. What a wonderful time you will have especially if the blue wave comes through and throws out the bums who think they've been governing.


  5. Beatrice P. Boyd

    I am admittedly late in sending my Congrats on your retirement comment, but know you will definitely enjoy your new life. We are both retired and have been getting better and better at this new non-paying job. It has sooo many other great benefits, as you will also (or may already have( come to realize!


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