"the purge", volume 3

Hi guys!

Been a busy couple of days!

Re ‘the purge’, I had waaaay to many ‘dress shirts’ for a retired lady.  To begin with, I carry two sizes (small and medium), and mostly 2 sleeve lengths in each (3/4 and long sleeved, with a handful of short sleeved thrown in, but the office was always too cold to wear those.)  I mean, WAY TOO MANY.  Now that I’m fully retired, and planning to move in probably six months, maybe a little less, now was as good a time as any to PURGE.  (volume 3, because a few years ago I read “The Art of Decluttering’ and went through 2 days of massive home purging of no longer needed/wanted/necessary stuff.)  So I went into the project figuring I’d allow myself to keep 5 of each length sleeve, in each size.  Or, a total of 10 in each size.  (I wasn’t touching my graphic tee shirts.  I’m going to be living in those.)  For going out, ‘date night’, etc.

It was a LOT of work!  I had two big black plastic trash bags to donate when I was done (and about 40 hangers too, and that was after keeping the best colored ones.)  I admit there were a few more I couldn’t part with than the original plan, but I don’t think I have more than 12-13 in each size now.  I can always cull down a little further at moving time.  🙂

That was on Friday morning.

Yesterday, we had our contractor over to go over the final plans for his project upstairs here.  He is re-flooring the hallway, master bedroom, tiling the two bathrooms upstairs, replacing the vanities, toilets, and fans in both bathrooms upstairs, and paint all those rooms.  (hubby just finished re-flooring the two spare bedrooms and painting the one that needed new paint.)  As well as paint the hallway (stairs).  Between now and when he starts, in about 2 weeks, I get to go out and pick the paints, the vanities, the new bathroom mirrors, and the new medicine cabinets. 

All this to get the place ready to sell.  Since we had the kitchen flood about 3 years ago, when we hired this contractor to re-do everything (at the insurance company’s expense)…he doesn’t need to do anything down there.

Then we went and saw our middle grandson’s soccer game.

Busy couple of days!

and we had a glorious sunset last night, too.  Hope your weekend is going well!

43 thoughts on “"the purge", volume 3

  1. Lynda

    I purge quite often. Firstly I rotate summer and winter clothes out of my wardrobe and then, if I haven't worn that item for awhile I either donate to charity or store in a clothing box in the attic. I then purge that from time to time and must admit that it's now pretty empty! I don't have a lot of clothes, just one lot hanging of about 4 ft long and that's pants, tops and jackets. It's not that I wouldn't want more… I simply just can't find more that I really like. That's great getting your place all done up for sale – how exciting, a new life for you!!


  2. Jeanie

    You don't let any grass grow under your feet after retiring! I am in awe and impressed and good for you! And you're absolutely right — one's wardrobe needs change entirely with retirement. Now you can buy what you like and not have to worry about whether you need it for work. It can just be for fun. Bravo on the house and getting ready for the move. That's a big deal and a lot of work. I wish you well — but somehow, I don't think you'll need those wishes! Seems like all is well right now!


  3. Arkansas Patti

    Good job purging. Think you will find you could still get rid of some more. You will probably find that you will end up living in a few favorites and the rest will just take closet space.


  4. jono

    Well done! It reminds me that I need to go through a lot of stuff and purge. How much do I need and how much do I actually use are the big questions. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Beatrice P. Boyd

    De-cluttering is an ongoing project with me. We did so much when we moved from our former home in VA to an apt in NH. Now, whenever I find a “great” deal I tell myself that something must go in return and try to make it multiple things! Good for you on startuing so soon and good luck with the renovations and move plans too!


  6. Betsy Banks Adams

    Hope you are and will enjoy your retirement….. Like you, I had to get rid of lots of clothes after I retired…. It feels good to 'purge' the closet–knowing that someone else can benefit from those clothes which I would never wear again…. Congrats to you… I know it feels good, doesn't it?Hugs,Betsy


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