20 thoughts on “one word

  1. Grace

    I can very proudly say I have not missed an election of any kind for any office in any place I have lived (hell, one place I lived we even voted for dog catcher!)since I became eligible to vote.


  2. Henny Penny

    Absolutely!! and I have already! šŸ™‚ How come I never see your posts?? I do follow your blog. Maybe I never listed you on my blog list. Going right now to check.


  3. tammy j

    I always vote too! especially since the suffragettes went through so much just for me to be able to vote… you know… as a “mere” woman. our good ol' boy politics in my state marches on. it's like walking into a hurricane and being blown away. still I vote. I thought this year we might have at least a fighting chance. no such luck.


  4. Marcia

    Just reading the returns. Thank goodness the House switched. Didn't think the Senate would. Disappointed with results in TX and FL. Holding my breath that GA elects Abrams but I think the election snafus in Dem leaning counties will take a toll.


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