First a win, then disaster

What a political day today has been!

First, the Democrats took over the House of Reps.  EXCELLENT.

It might not have been a blue tsunami, but it was certainly a blue wave.

But while we were still rejoicing, Trump goes and fires (forces ‘resignation’) of Jeff Sessions.

Worse than that, he bypasses Rod Rosenstein (Deputy Attorney General), and hires Sessions’ Chief of Staff, Matthew Whitaker, as Acting Attorney General.  Within a very short period of time, it is publicly discovered that Whitaker is already on record saying the next AG should just cut all funding for the special counsel project, and basically choke the project via lack of funding.  He also said that the Mueller investigation should not investigate Trump’s finances, that it would be a red line in the sand that should not be allowed.

Worse than that, Whitaker was Campaign Chairman for Sam Clovis, who is ALREADY a Mueller witness.

Whitaker, therefore, by law, should recuse himself.  For two reasons ALREADY.  But he won’t.

Constitutional Crisis, here we are.

The new House doesn’t take effect until January.  This is turning very ugly, literally at defcon speed.  Groups are already planning to march across the country tomorrow/Thursday.  Trump is clearly freaking out about the House takeover by the Democrats.  This is his response.

We can only hope that Rosenstein and especially Mueller knew this would happen eventually, and are ready for it.  Otherwise, this could be a death knell for Democracy.  My fingers remained crossed.

p.s.  🔥Trump replaced AG Session with personal loyalist Whitaker, activating the National Rapid Response to 🔥
5pm, tomorrow, November 8th. 400,000 have signed up nationwide.

The People begin marching tomorrow night at 5 pm locally.  It has begun.

28 thoughts on “First a win, then disaster

  1. Lynda

    And let's not mention the Jim Acosta losing his press pass. Enemy of the people ? I call it freedom of speech and freedom of the press – soon to be a thing of the past over there.


  2. ellen abbott

    we all knew he was firing Sessions after the midterms. I'm sure Mueller and Rosenstein were prepared. if there are already sealed indictments, Whitaker can't do anything about those.


  3. Country Gal

    Over here in Canada I have been hearing all kinds of things from the news lately about Trump and personally I feel he was always a bad choice for President from the start as he has always had a very shifty character and now seems to be afraid of being exposed for who and what he really is , Just an outsiders opinion . I hope all works out for the best for the people .


  4. Silver Willow

    thanks Country Gal. We were all floored that he won, and still wonder if he actually did. That's a big part of all of this. Time will tell. Trump can't be there forever, hopefully the country (and world) can last through it then recover. Worst case scenario.


  5. Catalyst

    I heard an interview on NPR today with a law professor who said Trump's appointment of Whittaker is unconstitutional as he was only a staffer and has never been confirmed by the Senate. He also said everyone on the Supreme Court, including Thomas(!), would agree if it ever gets that far.


  6. Silver Willow

    God I hope you are right, but Stone and Mueller's team are in court right now, talking about the legitimacy of the Mueller investigation. I trust nothing at this point. 😦


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