thanks everyone!

For commiserating over the mess in Washington. (and Florida.)

It can get so disheartening.  I try to minimize it’s effect on me; it’s not good for my ulcerative colitis (or probably my heart, either.)  But I feel occasionally it’s my ‘duty’ to help inform.  Many of you keep up with all of it, but there are so many in the country who aren’t fully aware/informed.  If I can help, then I’m happy to do so.

But I have to admit, my stomach has felt awful the past 2 days.  Between this political mess and the horrible Malibu fire (let alone the worse one in Northern California)…I’m feeling too much distress, and it’s reflecting in my gut.  So I made a conscious effort last night to push all of it to my psyche’s back burner.  Self preservation.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Love you all!  🙂

13 thoughts on “thanks everyone!

  1. Marcia

    I do appreciate your spreading the word about the nonsense in DC. You have a much wider readership thanI do so I rarely bother to post on those matters.


  2. Lynda

    Those dreadful fires.. I watched all the news on that too. That is way too close for comfort for you. Let the worry of the politics go, it seems to get worse everyday but try not let it affect you too much.


  3. Jean R.

    It's pretty clear that the president didn't learn anything from the elections, so we have to pace ourselves and add more 'serenity' days to our schedules. Hope your weekend is peaceful.


  4. Joared

    Do take care of yourself as can’t ruin your health. Yes, we have limits on how much change we can effect, but we do what we can and recognize our limits.


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