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Hi guys!

My brain is on ‘fatigue’ mode, and it’s only 10:30 in the morning.  Let me start at the beginning.

So we are moving.  We don’t know if we’ll be buying a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom place.  But we do know we need a master bedroom, one bedroom dedicated to my hubby’s office because he works from home, and because we will be out of state from all kids/grandkids, we want a dedicated guest room.  IF we get a 4 bedroom, I can have an ‘office’ space again.  But it’s not a deal breaker, and frankly, I’m leaning towards another 3 bedroom, but since I’m retired now, just having a small desk instead of the big L desk I have now.  (it’s newer, so hubby will inherit it at the new place.)  So, because of that, I didn’t need the big (newest) desktop pc anymore.  A smaller-end laptop will do just fine.  The only reason I need that is for my football pool that I run half the year (Excel spreadsheets back and forth between 30-45 members each week during the season)…and some photo editing I do for blog posts and blog design and blog posting in itself.  I don’t find doing that on a tablet very effective or efficient.

Long story short, I just need a laptop.  My hubby’s pc (the non-work one, and he doesn’t mingle stuff between the two of them), is pretty old and getting slow on him.  My 2016 pc is still fine, so I told him he could have it; he’s thrilled.  So, long story even shorter, I’m in the market for a relatively low-end new laptop.

I found it, with a pre-Black Friday deal, from Dell, and ordered it yesterday.  With MS Office loaded and a docking station, the whole thing out the door was under $700.  PLUS, with ebates (and if you aren’t using ebates, you SHOULD for all online ordering!)….I am getting a $71 ebate!  woot woot!  Smoking deal.

So that’s the background.  Since the laptop will be here Wednesday, today seemed a good time to start cleaning up my documents and photos on it.  That’s where the mental exhaustion comes in to play.  I know about ‘quick access’ on Windows 10, and how to organize that.  I was NOT aware about “one drive’ or ‘this pc’, and what that all means.  How, if I’m not mistaken, Windows 10 takes your docs, your photos, and also stores them to One Drive.  Or, it looks like that, but really they are just like bookmarked links.  So it looks like it’s in two places but it’s not necessarily.  But depending upon Windows 10 upgrades, not ALL docs or photos will be in both places.

They really don’t make this easy.  And I consider myself pretty darned computer savvy for an old broad of 67.  But my head is spinning.  For a while, before I semi-understood it all, after ‘unpinning’ some things on Quick Access, I couldn’t find them, and thought I had inadvertently deleted them all.  Doing a windows search, I found them under thispc/c/users/mywindowsname/docs/myname/docs.

say whaaaaaa?

So, I think I got my ‘documents’ cleaned up/know where they are all located.

My photos, however, too daunting.  I have more than a decade of photos, and the best I can tell, they are located in 3 places, BUT I think one of those 3 is that ‘fake’  ‘One Drive’ and I won’t be transferring those over.

The good news is:

1.  my hubby already has the transfer cables.
2.  but if not, I understand, in theory, how to set up a ‘home network’ on our wifi and how to transfer files that way.  The theory, not the practice.  This is another reason why
3.  I married a man 16 years my junior.
4.  at least the pc isn’t going away.  Hubby will have it, and if I can’t figure it out or don’t ‘grab’ everything to transfer, I can always go into his office and dig around and hopefully find it.

Yep, this pc thing seems easy, but when it comes to transferring stuff from an old pc to a new one…not necessarily.

Wish us luck on Wednesday!

29 thoughts on “Windows 10 file explorer

  1. Stacy McKitrick

    I have a separate backup drive (called My Passport by Western Digital) and I backup my files semi-regularly to that. It's really easy to use and holds a lot! It's how I transferred my stuff from one laptop to another. A breeze!! As for One Drive, I don't use it. I don't like my stuff outside of my control (and you know someone else is controlling One Drive).


  2. Jean R.

    I thought/think Windows OneDrive stores everything in a cloud so you can access the info from any where, on any device. Like Stacy above I don't use my OneDrive either. I don't trust those darn clouds and there are a lot of files I really don't want to come up on my phone or Kindle, etc.


  3. Grace

    And that's why I gave up Windows stuff years and years ago and switched to Apple. But yes, an external hard drive to back-up all your 'stuff'. Mine is plugged in all the time and my computer automatically backs up anything changes I make to existing projects/documents/photos/programs as well as anything completely new I add. Most external hard drives are easy-peasy to use, just plug and play, as the saying goes. I have a 1 terabyte Seagate and it's about the size of a smallish cell phone.


  4. Silver Willow

    DVD's are almost obsolete. All software now is internet downloaded. External hard drives are only about $60 now. I don't have one, because at this point photos, but I might get one. Just in case. (in general, not related to the transfer.)


  5. Janie Junebug

    I adore my laptop. Her name is Lappie. She's falling apart so I have a backup Lappie that's smaller. Hope you love your new toy or baby or whatever she is. Is yours female? I'm certain that mine is. The two Roombas are also women. I call them the Roomba girls. But I have some guys, too, such as Mr. Decker the toaster oven. I don't believe you are 67. Your writing doesn't seem a day over 40.Love,Janie


  6. Lynda

    I changed to Apple many years ago and love the simplicity of it all. I have automatic photo backup in iCloud and everything on both mine and Stu's computers is backed up to Dropbox plus a Time machine backup. We are backup up to the hilt!! A great option for photos though is Google Photos – it automatically backs up everything that is a picture on your PC and it's free! The main reason I have everything backed up to the cloud is for access anywhere. Even on holiday all my photos automatically back up as long as I'm on wifi so there's no chance of losing them.


  7. Betsy Banks Adams

    Hi There, I'm a Mac person (and LOVE it) –so can't help you with Windows stuff… I learned the computer using Microsoft —but after retiring, I changed to a Mac (with hubby's help since he was the 'real' Mac person)… Now I wouldn't change back for anything in the world…. SO—good luck with your new Laptop and with your file transfers….We made a huge mistake when we bought our little retirement home here in Fairfield Glade. We really went small (2 bedrooms 2 baths) —and one of the bedrooms become our office…. When family come (and they don't come often) –we put them up at a nearby Holiday Inn Express…. BUT— I realized too late that a motel (even a nice one) is not very inviting….. SO—make sure you do have a guest bedroom!!!!!Maybe you have said –but what state are you moving to???? Hugs,Betsy


  8. Margaret-whiteangel

    Good luck with transferring and what you want to do.I don't save my photos to onedrive, I didn't and won't log into Microsoft on my desktop or laptop, I personally like to control where I wish things to go, not where the 'maker' wants things to go..I have photos on DVD's and external hard drives for the time being..


  9. Ann

    Computer stuff can make you crazy. I'm good with the simple stuff and I can manage to do everything I need but when something goes wrong or I get into the more technical things I'm lost


  10. Anvilcloud

    I can't help really, but I hope it's all straight in your head. I just have a few files on One Drive. All of my photos are on the computer but also on a portable hard drive. I really think that's the best way to make sure.


  11. Arkansas Patti

    Don't envy you the maddening task. The good thing is that you still have visiting privileges with your old one. I am still enjoying my Windows 7 so you can see I'm a bit behind. Good luck.


  12. Lynda

    Off topic but please be safe – I've been watching the news and admit that I couldn't sleep last night thinking about the tragedies unfolding in California. I see new warnings today. My heart goes out to everyone affected by these terrible fires.


  13. Beatrice P. Boyd

    Wishing you luck, in advance, on the computer transfers. I am also thinking of an upgrade for my laptop, not because it doesn't still work (it does) but it's over 5 years old and won't accept new SW updates (bummer). And that's an issue because some apps or programs may not work (another bummer). Congrats on your great deal and thanks for the info on ebates too.


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