the latest from Cindy Hyde-Smith

Mississippi senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith remains in the news, since she made the public hangings comment at a campaign rally on November 2nd.

On November 11th, she put out this statement:

“I referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement,” Hyde-Smith said in a statement Sunday. “In referencing the one who invited me, I used an exaggerated expression of regard, and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous.”

Then, on November 12th, she was at a press conference, and questions were asked about her public hanging comment.  Starting at about the 1 minute mark on this video, is her response to REPEATED questions:

She just repeatedly refused to answer any questions, only repeatedly said “I put out a statement and we stand by it.”  Over and over and over again.

The next day, November 13th, Google donated to her campaign.  (see page 3 of the attached government FEC donation filing doc):

Then, yesterday, it was brought forth that on November 3rd, at another campaign rally, Ms. Hyde-Smith stated this:  ” “And then they remind me, that there’s a lot of liberal folks in those other schools who that maybe we don’t want to vote. Maybe we want to make it just a little more difficult. And I think that’s a great idea.”

As the video indicates, when questioned about THIS video’d comment, she stated it was obviously a joke and taken out of context.

Not sure WHEN suppressing votes is ever considered a joke, but then, I don’t hang with the GOP people.

Anyhow, just an update.

And in other news, a Trump-appointed judge ruled that the White House must return the media pass to CNN’s Jim Acosta.  And stated that Acosta’s ‘laying hands’ on the WH intern was ‘likely untrue.’  Wonder how Trump will react to one of his own appointed judges calling him a liar…?


14 thoughts on “the latest from Cindy Hyde-Smith

  1. Lynda

    First off I must say that I love Don Lemon. I watch him most nights via Youtube. His face on that clip said it all… another reason why I love the guy. As for Cindy Hyde-Smith, no words for her. She has no place in public office and repeating that statement 14 times? Obviously she’s been told to say that so she didn’t keep digging a deeper hole for herself. Don’t worry though, there’ll be a lot of good ol’ boys loving her!!

    As for Google, it seems they donated the $5,000 prior to her statement. I hope this is the case.

    In their statement they say that “This contribution was made on Nov. 2 before Sen. Hyde-Smith’s remarks became public on Nov. 11. While we support candidates who promote pro-growth policies for business and technology, we do not condone these remarks and would have not made such a contribution had we known about them.” Let’s hope this is true.


  2. Silver Willow Post author

    Thanks, Lynda. Hadn’t heard that. But just researched it, and there is discrepancy. First, she issued the public hanging comment in public on 11/2. It might not have been a big national story until 11/12, but she did say it at a rally on 11/2. That is the same date Google is saying they check was written. Awfully coincidental timing. However, the Hyde-Smith campaign is saying that they didn’t get the check until 11/13. Google has not responded to any questions to explain the time discrepancy.

    In any case, I’m staying my ground. I am not going to bounce back. But I do appreciate the information, and I will try and stay on top of it…better than I thought I had.


    1. Lynda

      I agree with your stand and my hope is more Americans will take a stand – not just in this but with all the comments coming from the very top. I am pleased, at least, that Google have made a statement distancing themselves from the remark which is more than Cindy Hyde-Smith has. She is not a nice person.


      1. Silver Willow Post author

        I too am pleased that they made a statement. I wish it was more strongly worded, though. And no, she’s not a nice person. At all. We’ll have to see how the rest of that election pans out…

        Have a great weekend!


  3. Stacy McKitrick

    Just because a check was written on the 2nd, doesn’t mean it went out that day. Google is a big company. I’ve worked in accounting departments in smaller companies, and getting checks out isn’t an instantaneous thing. Then there’s the mail. They aren’t always the fastest, either. So that would explain the time discrepancy.

    Although, why would a company wait until the last minute to send money anyway? It’s very strange.


    1. Silver Willow Post author

      All of this is true, Stacy. I can’t explain it either. But I also know many companies do wire transfers as well, which are instantaneous, so we just don’t know. But it is very strange.


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