up and running!

Me, us, and my new pc!

Spent yesterday afternoon setting up my new laptop.  All went well, except I hate Microsoft One Drive.  When transferring my docs and photos from our external hard drive, One Drive decided I had run out of One Drive space, even though I hadn’t.  I finally was able to figure out that if I suspended One Drive, I was fine.  Not until I’d deleted the photos and docs off my new laptop though (but they were still on the hard drive.)  Ultimately, I decided I didn’t need all the photos on the new laptop.  I needed those for my screensaver, and I needed my football pool folder docs, my blog folder docs, and just a few other docs.  Everything else I can always pull from the hard drive if necessary.

But yeah, took a few hours.  Then, at bedtime, just in time so it made it hard to go to sleep, I remembered I hadn’t done iTunes yet.  So once hubby has my old pc up and running, I’ll still need to make that transfer, which iTunes never makes easy.  21st century problems.  🙂

In less than an hour, we are going out to buy our new bathroom vanities and vanity tops, although it will be our contractor picking them up on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then we come home and continue to remove everything from our master bedroom, bathroom, hall bathroom, and hallway walls/linen closet.  We are going to reward ourselves tonight with dinner at Cheesecake Factory, using some gift cards we have stored up, so it will be free.

So much going on this weekend.  I get exhausted thinking about it, but I’m having trouble sleeping because there is so much running through my mind of everything that is going on, we have to do, etc. before we move.  Ugh.  So much for relaxing and enjoying retirement!  Very little of that until we are unboxed in Arizona sometime next spring.

16 thoughts on “up and running!

  1. Taja

    Yay for the new PC! Technology does present new challenges, doesn’t it? Manufacturers and developers are so busy constantly rolling out new products without perfecting anything–much less correcting existing issues properly and ensuring things work together seamlessly–that our lives are affected unnecessarily. I also am not a fan of planned obsolescence, although we have lived with variations of it for a century or so. Three to five years (or less) is absurdly short.

    Don’t get me wrong–technology has improved many aspects of our lives. When it works. Properly.

    Where do you plan to live in Arizona? Generalities are good. Southern, central, northern, eastern or western will work. ☺

    Taja (in Arizona)


  2. DJan

    I know that feeling of my brain not wanting to shut down when I want to go to sleep. I have found that melatonin helps. Glad everything is up and running for you now. 🙂


    1. Silver Willow Post author

      I’ve resisted that in the past, thought it was an invitation to keep dwelling on things, but I might end up going down that path during this point in time. LOL Thanks, Kathy!


  3. Stacy McKitrick

    No relaxing until after you’ve moved. And set up the new house. We’re still working on that.

    I used to live in Arizona (met Hubby there, at Ft Huachuca, and got married in Sierra Vista). It’s a pretty state.


    1. Silver Willow Post author

      Yeah, it won’t be. Haven’t tackled it just yet. Hubby has been too busy to get the pc change over for himself done just yet.


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