Once again, apologizing for being MIA lately.  The house is in a complete state of disarray due to the upstairs construction.  The noise pollution is 8 hours a day.  For someone OCD like me, it’s driving me absolutely nuts.  I thought I could go to my mom’s, but she’s having plumbing repairs and floor repairs herself, so there would be no respite there.  I’ve slept (we both have) four nights in a row now on sofas, because the blow up bed is too low to the ground for me (with my reoccurring equilibrium problems).  I’m just trying to keep my head above water.

Now, add Xmas decorating to the above.  Sure, I could wait another 10 days or so until they are done, but then I’d barely have 3 weeks of decorations up.  Not acceptable.  So later this afternoon I start.

I need a vacation from this so-called ‘retirement.’  No where to go, no where to hide.  😦

11 thoughts on “Update

  1. Beatrice

    Hi Silver Willow, I am a bit late in catching up on blog reading due to holiday travels, but today have set aside some time. Your decision to relocate your blog is understandable and I commend you on doing what is best for your personal values. I still update the Frog & Penguinn blog on blogger, but also have an unused WordPress ID and blog and may eventually migrate to that blog platform.
    Good luck with getting some rest during construction and also gerting up the holiday decos which we will start doing next week back in NH.


  2. Diana H

    How about a library?!
    I love my libraries! Newspapers, magazines, clean bathrooms, clean bathrooms, many many books…..


  3. Marcia

    Noise of any kind can be quite stressful. I hope you confined respite from it. I usually pull out the decorations afterThanksgiving but the holiday was so early this year and we have almost a week before Dec starts so its on the to do list for next week.


  4. Martha

    Sounds so stressful. I hope you are running away from home sometimes to somewhere where you can enjoy some time to yourself. A coffee shop? A library? A bookstore? A visit with a friend. Whatever works for you.


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