the crux of the issue

…re blogging…now…is that I can’t stand being in my office where my pc is.  I can’t stand being around a room filled with boxes and crap.  Not only because I’m OCD but because I suffer from moderate claustrophobia, too.  Yes, I could take this new laptop downstairs, but I HATE using the laptop thing that is instead of a mouse/keyboard, and I don’t want to take all the peripherals downstairs to make it more comfortable.  And posting from a phone sucks even more.

On the plus side, they are supposed to be done by Friday; so only one more week to go, then I can get back to normal.  (or as normal as December, one month before you put your house on the market…gets.  LOL)

Miss you guys!  Will catch up next week!

11 thoughts on “the crux of the issue

  1. Lynda

    The mouse on my MacBook Air is so easy and accurate that I’ve not used a normal mouse now for years! A do believe that Apple got this very right when they made their laptops. Perhaps yours is OK too, maybe just a matter of getting used to it or setting it up how it best works for you? I hope your renovations are going well.


  2. Stacy McKitrick

    I hate the little pad on my laptop, too. So I use a wireless mouse (which is always plugged in so I disable the pad) and only have to carry my laptop and mouse with me.

    Hope your mess is cleaned up soon.


  3. Margaret whiteangel

    Am with you on the ‘thingy’ it’s a real pain. I used a mouse, so much easier but also I have a tower computer I mostly use to blog, sometimes I comment from my phone or iPad.
    Well not long now and all will be done in time for the busy Christmas period…I’ll just take it in my stride as usual, what happens, happens. Don’t know how many are coming for a meal this Christmas, 6 to 10 I suppose.


  4. Joared

    I always used a wireless mouse with my Windows on laptop. Gradually got used to touch with iPad mini a few years ago. A year ago I had to get a new laptop and got MAC. Made up my mind to use touch to see if would adapt which I suddenly realized one day I had done. Hope your life settles soon — hang in there !


    1. Joared

      FWIW WP won’t take my correct email address here and on some of their other blogs (but not all) so have to jimmy it. Not sure if it’s WP or some other in between your blog and WP.


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