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a Blogger moral dilemma

U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) was caught on tape “joking” about her willingness to attend a lynching at a campaign event in November. “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row,” Hyde-Smith said on November 2. The small crowd responded with laughter and applause.  Her opponent is Mike Espy.  He is black.

Since the video became public on Sunday, Hyde-Smith has refused to apologize, claiming her remarks were a complement. “I used an exaggerated expression of regard, and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous,” Hyde-Smith said in a statement.
One corporation that apparently was unbothered by Hyde-Smith’s remarks: Google. On Tuesday, Google donated $5000 to Hyde-Smith’s campaign, according to documents filed with the FEC.
You can read about it in this link, which includes a copy of the FEC filed document on the campaign contribution: (as well as the video of her comment about the public hanging.)…
Hyde-Smith faces Democrat Mike Espy in a run-off election on November 27. A group of ministers from the Jackson, Mississippi area called on her to apologize and resign.
At a press conference on Monday, Hyde-Smith robotically refused to answer any questions about her lynching comments. Eventually, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) intervened and attempted to deflect criticism by accusing black women of genocide.
Google previously donated $10,000 to the Making America Prosperous PAC, the leadership PAC of Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX). Making America Prosperous gave Congressman Steve King (R-IA) a cash infusion after other corporate donors abandoned him over his ties to white nationalism.
Needless to say, this all INFURIATES ME.  I have changed my email from gmail to yahoo.  I no longer will use google for searches.  The dilemma that remains is this blog.  Blogger is Google owned.  Do I move my blog away from Blogger?  I have done it before.  Fully capable of it.  It’s more a nuisance for you, my readers.
Given my absolute abhorrence for anything racist, and this CERTAINLY qualifying, what do you think?  Morally, I feel I have to do it.  But I hate to lose any of you faithful readers over this.  But, I’m just MASSIVELY ANGRY at Google.
The last problem would be Chrome itself.  Do I go back to Firefox?!  Because the Chrome browser is also Google.

I’ve definitely decided to go back to Firefox.  This Blogger/Google blog is the last issue.  I’m definitely leaning towards the move.  (the blog is already in place from last January when Blogger was having issues.  I just need to update it.)


Windows 10 file explorer

Hi guys!

My brain is on ‘fatigue’ mode, and it’s only 10:30 in the morning.  Let me start at the beginning.

So we are moving.  We don’t know if we’ll be buying a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom place.  But we do know we need a master bedroom, one bedroom dedicated to my hubby’s office because he works from home, and because we will be out of state from all kids/grandkids, we want a dedicated guest room.  IF we get a 4 bedroom, I can have an ‘office’ space again.  But it’s not a deal breaker, and frankly, I’m leaning towards another 3 bedroom, but since I’m retired now, just having a small desk instead of the big L desk I have now.  (it’s newer, so hubby will inherit it at the new place.)  So, because of that, I didn’t need the big (newest) desktop pc anymore.  A smaller-end laptop will do just fine.  The only reason I need that is for my football pool that I run half the year (Excel spreadsheets back and forth between 30-45 members each week during the season)…and some photo editing I do for blog posts and blog design and blog posting in itself.  I don’t find doing that on a tablet very effective or efficient.

Long story short, I just need a laptop.  My hubby’s pc (the non-work one, and he doesn’t mingle stuff between the two of them), is pretty old and getting slow on him.  My 2016 pc is still fine, so I told him he could have it; he’s thrilled.  So, long story even shorter, I’m in the market for a relatively low-end new laptop.

I found it, with a pre-Black Friday deal, from Dell, and ordered it yesterday.  With MS Office loaded and a docking station, the whole thing out the door was under $700.  PLUS, with ebates (and if you aren’t using ebates, you SHOULD for all online ordering!)….I am getting a $71 ebate!  woot woot!  Smoking deal.

So that’s the background.  Since the laptop will be here Wednesday, today seemed a good time to start cleaning up my documents and photos on it.  That’s where the mental exhaustion comes in to play.  I know about ‘quick access’ on Windows 10, and how to organize that.  I was NOT aware about “one drive’ or ‘this pc’, and what that all means.  How, if I’m not mistaken, Windows 10 takes your docs, your photos, and also stores them to One Drive.  Or, it looks like that, but really they are just like bookmarked links.  So it looks like it’s in two places but it’s not necessarily.  But depending upon Windows 10 upgrades, not ALL docs or photos will be in both places.

They really don’t make this easy.  And I consider myself pretty darned computer savvy for an old broad of 67.  But my head is spinning.  For a while, before I semi-understood it all, after ‘unpinning’ some things on Quick Access, I couldn’t find them, and thought I had inadvertently deleted them all.  Doing a windows search, I found them under thispc/c/users/mywindowsname/docs/myname/docs.

say whaaaaaa?

So, I think I got my ‘documents’ cleaned up/know where they are all located.

My photos, however, too daunting.  I have more than a decade of photos, and the best I can tell, they are located in 3 places, BUT I think one of those 3 is that ‘fake’  ‘One Drive’ and I won’t be transferring those over.

The good news is:

1.  my hubby already has the transfer cables.
2.  but if not, I understand, in theory, how to set up a ‘home network’ on our wifi and how to transfer files that way.  The theory, not the practice.  This is another reason why
3.  I married a man 16 years my junior.
4.  at least the pc isn’t going away.  Hubby will have it, and if I can’t figure it out or don’t ‘grab’ everything to transfer, I can always go into his office and dig around and hopefully find it.

Yep, this pc thing seems easy, but when it comes to transferring stuff from an old pc to a new one…not necessarily.

Wish us luck on Wednesday!

thanks everyone!

For commiserating over the mess in Washington. (and Florida.)

It can get so disheartening.  I try to minimize it’s effect on me; it’s not good for my ulcerative colitis (or probably my heart, either.)  But I feel occasionally it’s my ‘duty’ to help inform.  Many of you keep up with all of it, but there are so many in the country who aren’t fully aware/informed.  If I can help, then I’m happy to do so.

But I have to admit, my stomach has felt awful the past 2 days.  Between this political mess and the horrible Malibu fire (let alone the worse one in Northern California)…I’m feeling too much distress, and it’s reflecting in my gut.  So I made a conscious effort last night to push all of it to my psyche’s back burner.  Self preservation.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Love you all!  🙂


(THREAD) The Whitaker scandal is deepening, as it becomes clear that Sessions’ Russia recusal was a coordinated sham and his firing an act of obstruction—and that his replacement is a White House plant inside the Mueller probe. I hope you’ll retweet and read on for more details

First a win, then disaster

What a political day today has been!

First, the Democrats took over the House of Reps.  EXCELLENT.

It might not have been a blue tsunami, but it was certainly a blue wave.

But while we were still rejoicing, Trump goes and fires (forces ‘resignation’) of Jeff Sessions.

Worse than that, he bypasses Rod Rosenstein (Deputy Attorney General), and hires Sessions’ Chief of Staff, Matthew Whitaker, as Acting Attorney General.  Within a very short period of time, it is publicly discovered that Whitaker is already on record saying the next AG should just cut all funding for the special counsel project, and basically choke the project via lack of funding.  He also said that the Mueller investigation should not investigate Trump’s finances, that it would be a red line in the sand that should not be allowed.

Worse than that, Whitaker was Campaign Chairman for Sam Clovis, who is ALREADY a Mueller witness.

Whitaker, therefore, by law, should recuse himself.  For two reasons ALREADY.  But he won’t.

Constitutional Crisis, here we are.

The new House doesn’t take effect until January.  This is turning very ugly, literally at defcon speed.  Groups are already planning to march across the country tomorrow/Thursday.  Trump is clearly freaking out about the House takeover by the Democrats.  This is his response.

We can only hope that Rosenstein and especially Mueller knew this would happen eventually, and are ready for it.  Otherwise, this could be a death knell for Democracy.  My fingers remained crossed.

p.s.  🔥Trump replaced AG Session with personal loyalist Whitaker, activating the National Rapid Response to 🔥
5pm, tomorrow, November 8th. 400,000 have signed up nationwide.

The People begin marching tomorrow night at 5 pm locally.  It has begun.

"the purge", volume 3

Hi guys!

Been a busy couple of days!

Re ‘the purge’, I had waaaay to many ‘dress shirts’ for a retired lady.  To begin with, I carry two sizes (small and medium), and mostly 2 sleeve lengths in each (3/4 and long sleeved, with a handful of short sleeved thrown in, but the office was always too cold to wear those.)  I mean, WAY TOO MANY.  Now that I’m fully retired, and planning to move in probably six months, maybe a little less, now was as good a time as any to PURGE.  (volume 3, because a few years ago I read “The Art of Decluttering’ and went through 2 days of massive home purging of no longer needed/wanted/necessary stuff.)  So I went into the project figuring I’d allow myself to keep 5 of each length sleeve, in each size.  Or, a total of 10 in each size.  (I wasn’t touching my graphic tee shirts.  I’m going to be living in those.)  For going out, ‘date night’, etc.

It was a LOT of work!  I had two big black plastic trash bags to donate when I was done (and about 40 hangers too, and that was after keeping the best colored ones.)  I admit there were a few more I couldn’t part with than the original plan, but I don’t think I have more than 12-13 in each size now.  I can always cull down a little further at moving time.  🙂

That was on Friday morning.

Yesterday, we had our contractor over to go over the final plans for his project upstairs here.  He is re-flooring the hallway, master bedroom, tiling the two bathrooms upstairs, replacing the vanities, toilets, and fans in both bathrooms upstairs, and paint all those rooms.  (hubby just finished re-flooring the two spare bedrooms and painting the one that needed new paint.)  As well as paint the hallway (stairs).  Between now and when he starts, in about 2 weeks, I get to go out and pick the paints, the vanities, the new bathroom mirrors, and the new medicine cabinets. 

All this to get the place ready to sell.  Since we had the kitchen flood about 3 years ago, when we hired this contractor to re-do everything (at the insurance company’s expense)…he doesn’t need to do anything down there.

Then we went and saw our middle grandson’s soccer game.

Busy couple of days!

and we had a glorious sunset last night, too.  Hope your weekend is going well!